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  1. When I Stop Coming Home To Ya & Never Be Mine

    Posted 6 Jan 2015

    Hi everyone,
    I haven't been here in a really long time. I have up on trying to be a professional songwriter and on music and started going after my first passion which is photography ( Anyway, I decided to start making music for fun again so here are two new songs I have. The samples are short. I just need to know what you think in general. I produced, wrote, and did all the vocals. And yes, I am aware that I am not a singer or rapper lol. Looking forward to the feedback. Please be aware that "Never Be Mine" contains foul language while "When I Stop Coming Home To Ya" does not.

    Never Be Mine (Sample)

    Description: Pop/Rap song. Contains language. Made it as an anti-Valentine's Day song lol.

    Never Be Mine


    Oh no
    Here we go again


    B**ch you're crazy
    Don't be mad
    Cause you can't have this
    Oh well too bad
    Take your pills
    And get your life
    No I don't want ya
    Never be mine

    Verse 1

    Look I've told you a million times
    Leave me alone
    You've lost your mind
    One kiss
    Guess that's all it takes
    Now you're acting like we're married
    It was just a date
    That went bad so fast
    I didn't clean the plate
    And that s**t was good
    Man, what a waste
    But you're f***ing nuts
    Yeah your a** is crazy
    Said never again
    But your a** heard maybe?


    That's what you chose to hear?
    Man, get the f** out of here!



    When I Stop Coming Home To Ya (Sample)

    Description: Pop song. All singing.

    When I Stop Coming Home To Ya

    Verse 1

    Ask me to believe ya
    But I can't trust in you
    You've given me too much to doubt
    Maybe I should leave ya
    And find somebody else
    That knows what love is all about
    I've spent
    So much time
    Trying to find
    Trying to find you
    I've gone
    Out my mind
    Looked so foolish
    Well that all that ends tonight (oh)


    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Whatchoo gonna do
    When I stop coming home to ya?
    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Whatchoo gonna do
    When I stop coming home to ya?

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    Sena Byta Icon

    10 Mar 2013 - 02:40
    Hey I listened to your demo, "Hot Mess" and I think it's really good. A surefire hit if you sell it to a boy band or something like that. All the best!
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