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  1. Need Help Picking A Song For A Video

    Posted 8 Jul 2014

    Hi everyone,
    It's been a reeeeeeally long time since I've been here. Hope everyone is doing awesome! So let's get down to business. I currently have 3 new songs. All of them would have a funny music video involved but I can't decide on which one to shoot the video for. Now you all know I'm not a singer or producer (I'm a photographer) but I like doing this for fun. Anyway, here are three short song samples. Let me know which concept/song you like best and why (BTW, they all contain NSFW language). Thanks!

    CONCEPT 1 - Fake A$$ B*tch

    Video Idea: I'm thinking of dressing up like the ugliest girl possible and then going to a party and being as obnoxious as hell while people shoot me daggers with their eyes and try to get me to go home.

    CONCEPT 2 - Wack Sh*t

    Video Idea: Me thinking I'm hot stuff while this girl looks at me not wanting a damn thing from me.

    CONCEPT 3 - JK (Just Kidding)

    Video Idea: Same exact concept as "Wack Sh*t".

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    Sena Byta Icon

    10 Mar 2013 - 02:40
    Hey I listened to your demo, "Hot Mess" and I think it's really good. A surefire hit if you sell it to a boy band or something like that. All the best!
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