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  1. In Topic: 4 August UPDATE regarding UK Musefest 2014

    Posted 12 Aug 2014

    View Postscubed, on 12 August 2014 - 02:56 PM, said:

    Alistair, thanks for working out all these details!

    We aren't sure yet what we'll be doing during the day on Friday, but we definitely will be part of the Friday evening get-together - very much looking forward to it. :)/>/> Saturday brunch before the festivities official begin also sounds lovely. And we'll of course help with any necessary set-up in advance of the official Musefest start time.

    I'll have my Voyage Air guitar with me. As Alistair is graciously making his instruments available to the group, I may designate the Voyage Air as an alternate tuning guitar that anyone may use. That way, Alistair's guitars can stay in standard.

    BTW, the group can count on Bill to take lots of photos and videos. He's becoming serious abut his photography hobby and is bringing a good camera.

    Hey Sharon - didn't realise your keyboard skills extended to 'air' guitar as well; we'll all be able to join in!

    I can see we'll have to swap travel guitar experiences - I have a Brunner Outdoor guitar seen here played by Phil Keaggy - unfortunately, his guitars skills didn't also come with my Brunner!

    Yes, congratulations to Alistair taking on the coordination role - a lot of work in the background.

    One thing about the possibility of a Friday meet-up/dinner - my one experience in Statford-Upon-Avon in the summer (a couple of years ago) was of restaurants jam packed with tourists - we may need to book the Friday dinner somewhere - especially if there is a reasonable number of us going for it.

  2. In Topic: How do you find ideas for lyrics?

    Posted 11 Aug 2014

    One idea generator I find very useful for lyrics is to put myself in a really desperate situation somewhere and start asking myself questions - for example; imagine yourself holding on to a rope hanging over the side of a cliff and your strength is giving out - how are you feeling?, what's going through your mind? how did you get there? who is going to miss you? what would you say to them?

    The number of desperate situations is endless - as are the questions you can ask yourself and I find I get some good ideas from a brain dump of line answers to my questions.

    The worst time wasting thing for me is a rambling lyric written around a 'wooly' hook (title) for the lyric. I find a really strong hook allows the whole lyric writing activity to become focused and much easier to write. However, that said, a rambling lyric that is going nowhere sometimes spawns a good hook; which then takes the lyric off in a completely different (focused!) direction.

    A really good hook can take an absolute age to find. I find good places to look for inspiration are adverts and newspaper headlines as they are usually tight, succinct one liners that have ideas already condensed.

    Conversations, the radio, TV are all sources of inspiration and I find myself subconsciously on the 'hook' alert - even though I may not be lyric writing at the time.

    Just a few thoughts that work for me - sometimes :wacko:

  3. In Topic: Fading out

    Posted 11 Aug 2014

    Love the moody brooding atmosphere of this one - complemented very well by your great vocal delivery/sound.

    Music is well developed with some very effective use of strings - love it!

    There are a few vocal places where the words were pronounced strangely or indistinct; may be worth a few cut and pastes from other vocal takes.

    I've a few comments on the lyrics below - but all in all; this has been a really good listen. Sounds like it might have some commercial potential to me.



    View PostThe Butcher, on 10 August 2014 - 01:41 PM, said:


    Things are improving. I bought myself this super cool leather book for lyrics. Since i m using it, i can write lyrics (again) - tadaa.

    So; i just pressed this out of my DAW.

    I think there are some mixing issues concerning volume of the different take a listen and give feedback, pls. that d be GREAT.

    Tx so much everyone.


    Fading out

    No plans, nothing to eat
    Sitting here, watching you bleed
    Things have changed
    Not for the better
    I m sending out…
    …empty letters

    Great lyrics here - effective and very well put!

    I got nothing to say
    But I want you to listen
    I got nothing to say
    But I want you to listen

    In the last line here it's a little bit like a kid having a tantrum; that second "But I want..." - maybe "I'm begging you to listen" or "Please wont you listen?" or something which would pull the listener on your side.

    Fading out
    In my dreams I m falling down
    Fading out
    If you go then don t you turn around
    As I m fading out

    If the last line was "and see me fading out" would bring this section into focus, for me.

    Don t you hesitate
    There s nothing to achieve
    Your cold cold hands are still
    Touching me
    Why should i
    Climb up the ladder
    When falling down
    Feels so much better

    Again - excellent lyrics here!

    I got nothing to say
    But I want you to listen
    I got nothing to say
    But I want you to listen

    Fading out
    In my dreams I m falling down
    Fading out
    If you go then don t forget to turn around

    Don’t forget to turn around
    Don’t forget to turn around
    Don t forget

    Something lacking in this last bit which doesn't quite pull it all together.
    Maybe something like:
    "Don't forget to turn around
    see me falling down
    Because you wont
    turn around..."
  4. In Topic: Until I Fall to Pieces

    Posted 11 Aug 2014

    Really like this Ricky - good job!

    Can't add too much more from what's been said and agree; your vocals are great!

    Also agree with BruceI about the chorus - maybe a little more optimism at the end of the chorus would pull folk in - after all, your music is upbeat.

    Probably the biggest area to my ears (and it's always a bit tough to do this after doing so much work and getting attached to what you've got already!; been there many times) would be to de-clutter the backing a little and maybe add more definite musical hooks (guitar or keyboard) that complement/echo your vocal melody.

    Really enjoyed it - it's a grower and I'm off for another listen :)

  5. In Topic: 4 August UPDATE regarding UK Musefest 2014

    Posted 11 Aug 2014

    Been away from the Muses Muse (but not THE muse!) so missed out on all that's been happening on the new thread.

    I'm booked in at the Premier Inn Friday night; will get to Stratford early Friday afternoon and have a stroll around and meet-up with anyone who is around.

    Looks like there's no need for a full PA but I'll bring my micro-cube amp. - it does a good job helping acoustic guitarists (and electric) should there be a noisy pub environment.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone on the Saturday! :)


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    13 Mar 2014 - 06:35
    Hi Gwyneth - at long last, my comments is up and running - many thanks!
    Do be careful and choose a UK location above any local floodplain - we have had one heck of a lot a rain recently! Cheers
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    13 Mar 2014 - 05:27
    HI Andy,
    How do you do? LOL
    I see you reside in Essex. I'm coming back to the UK within the next 3 months. Going to live is Oxted, Surrey.
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