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  1. In Topic: UK Musefest 2014 Photos and Videos

    Posted 22 Sep 2014

    View Postscubed, on 22 September 2014 - 12:23 AM, said:

    Musefest 2014 came to an end with a wonderful evening at Church Street Town House - great conversation, great food, and more great music! Posted Image

    Musefest 2014 pics - Church Street

    P.S. We'll post videos when we're back in the U.S.

    Brilliant photos from everyone!

    Sharon - I had to look twice at the picture of Ron at the Town House - thought that inscription above his head must have been cut and paste - it's soooo appropriate!!

    Will post some pics myself soon,

  2. In Topic: UK Muse Meet - Friday 19th/Saturday 20th Sept

    Posted 21 Sep 2014

    View PostLen, on 21 September 2014 - 06:45 PM, said:

    View PostAndyLeF, on 21 September 2014 - 05:51 PM, said:

    Special mention should go to Sharon's husband Bill - you deserve a meddle sir!

    He may prefer a medal ;)/>

    I'll put some photos up shortly.

    ...yikes, those late nights...

    ... have meddled with my medals - or, was I in a 'Private Universe' all of my own ;-)

    Great to have a jam yesterday Len!

  3. In Topic: UK Muse Meet - Friday 19th/Saturday 20th Sept

    Posted 21 Sep 2014

    What a brilliant couple of days in Stratford-Upon-Avon :)

    Magnificent job on the organizing Alistair - everything ran like clock work and you even managed an upgrade to our original 'snug' venue to a very spacious meeting room which was just right for performing eating, drinking and chatting.

    Great to see everybody in the flesh and hear a fantastic range of original songs and learn about all things songwriting from such an enthusiastic and talented group of people.

    Managed a little busking Saturday morning near the bard's birthplace...
    Tragically (pun intended), only seemed to be a hit with little old ladies ("that was lovely my dear") and toddlers dragging mummy over to see what the strange man was doing. :wacko:
    Have to say that performing to seasoned musers was a hell of a lot more daunting than my (first-time) busking.

    Special mention should go to Sharon's husband Bill - for putting up with all the concentrated songwriter's chatter and taking photo opportunities at key moments - you deserve a medal sir! Looking forward to seeing your photos and videos.

    Roll-on the next one!

  4. In Topic: UK Muse Meet - Friday 19th/Saturday 20th Sept

    Posted 14 Sep 2014

    View Postscubed, on 14 September 2014 - 06:37 PM, said:

    There's a wonderful new study out suggesting that we don't really become forgetful as we get older. It's just that our minds are so full of information we've gained over time that it sometimes takes longer to retrieve particular bits of information.

    Well, my brain has become so stuffed that I sometimes forget words that I myself have written. Which is why I'll have lyric sheets with me.

    Anyone bringing a music stand?

    No problem Sharon - I can bring a stand.

    Think the explanation for song writers forgetting their own lyrics is much simpler than that - all those re-writes can confuse the memory as to which is the latest one under the stress of a performance :wacko:

  5. In Topic: UK Muse Meet - Friday 19th/Saturday 20th Sept

    Posted 14 Sep 2014

    I'm going to check out the local street musicians - there's a busking ("Busk Stop") map of the town here.

    The "Busk Stops" pretty much make up a natural walking tour of the whole town and theaters.

    Might even take my travel guitar along and play a few tunes if any of the "Stops" are empty Friday afternoon / Saturday morning - should be fun and make some extra memories of the weekend :) ......... and ........... maybe even a little drinking money :P


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    AndyLeF Icon

    13 Mar 2014 - 06:35
    Hi Gwyneth - at long last, my comments is up and running - many thanks!
    Do be careful and choose a UK location above any local floodplain - we have had one heck of a lot a rain recently! Cheers
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    Gwyneth Rose Icon

    13 Mar 2014 - 05:27
    HI Andy,
    How do you do? LOL
    I see you reside in Essex. I'm coming back to the UK within the next 3 months. Going to live is Oxted, Surrey.
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