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Hi! My name is Cortney I am 24 and aspiring songwriter I only write lyrics I do believe God gave me this gift so I can use it to glorify him and bring people to him. But lately I haven't been able to write anything I don't know if god is telling me to just focus on my counseling and start really dealing with my issues. What should I do? By the way please keep me in your prayers. Thanks -- Cortney C.

Wow Courtney! A big giant FAT question you have posed and one that I feel a lot of people will relate to when they experience the syndrome of 'writer's block!' As you know, I cannot tell you what God is trying to tell you. Only you know that from deep inside of your soul and spirit. Usually your intuition about things like this is right on. For me the voice of intuition is a huge voice of spirit, at times guiding me to my truth and other times warning me, protecting me, etc. At least I find it's that way for me. So if you feel that what God is trying to tell you, through what you are experiencing with your writing, to get more into counseling and into working on your own issues, than possibly you should pay attention. For me I find Spirit, God, my Higher Power, whatever one may choose to call it, heals me and works with me through my writing. I write from a place of my own personal need and desire for healing and freedom, and if people are blessed through my work and performance, than I feel absolutely wonderful, but I leave it all up to God or Spirit to do that. Once I write it and it manages to find it's way into a form that is available to everyone, I let it go. I give it wings and send it out. And I 'imagine' that Spirit is getting it to whoever needs it. I see and feel God as an invincible power unseen to the human eye that works through everyone and everything for our growth and our awakening to compassion, trust, and a sort of emptiness that allows us to experience and appreciate the more fragile things of life. If I wrote from a place of thinking that what I was writing would heal or help someone, I feel that my ego would be too involved in it and I wouldn't write from that deep place of emptiness that all great works come from. I wouldn't be a clear channel for love or healing or anything. Of course I certainly hope that my work touches and helps people, but I leave that up to the true creator in me. I'm just the artist.

My own personal viewpoint on writing is that I write when the 'muse' visits me. I usually do not write at any other time. Unless I have a project to write for and then if I experience writers block, I usually step away and forget about my 'lyric or melody duties' for a bit allowing some clarity and emptiness to come in. Then after awhile I find a miracle happens. An idea gets born which I then can run with. But if I force it....nothing happens. Junk happens. Dumb lyrics that I don't like or don't represent my core.

My 'issues' are usually always dealt with in my lyric or poetry writing. And most importantly in my mind, in just living my life, whatever that means on a day to day basis. Everyday holds new challenges and struggles and if I pursue those and face them, I become stronger. But like anyone, I don't always face them or pursue them and that to me is also part of the healing and dealing with them. There is a timing in things and we all need to be gentle with ourselves and quit trying to force this or that and begin to listen deeply to the still small voice within for our guidance. If we try to force things and they don't happen like we think they should, then 'fear' sets in and a vicious cycle begins of thinking we aren't good enough, that we can't get our sh...t together, we feel guilty and unworthy and for us artists, we feel untalented and that maybe we should give it up. These are all just silly mind games.

I would defiantly keep on with the counseling (if you feel to do this), and maybe even more so during your 'writer's block' period. I feel that this is a sure fire way to bring in more ideas into your subconscious which will in time shimmie their way up the surface and provide you with some wonderful lyrics. I was unsure whether you were talking of yourself receiving counseling or whether you were giving the counseling, but either way - good rich stuff will arise for songs.

Thank you for your wonderful and honest question and one which has caused me to once again take a look within, reminding me to pay attention today to that still small voice of guidance. (smile).

da funkyWG!

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