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MAY 2000

Internet Fatigue....
2000, Christina Fasano. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

Dateline...May 1999, found me still in the studio with promises still lingering in my head from the previous November that we would be done with my CD by the end of 1998. Well here it was May and we were finally mixing! My patience was just a thin thread of over-stretched rubber by then. What was this CD going to do for me anyway? Well by God it was gonna make all my dreams come true, right? Make me famous, right?

Dateline...May 2000 and I'm famous alright, BUT nobody knows it! Ha! Yah right, hilarious! For the past 7 months, since the late October 1999 release, I have been a madwoman sending out endless packages to radio, web, magazine, newsrags, etc. I have gotten lots of incredible reviews, college and web play, I've been interviewed by live webcast, I've spent tons of money keeping my website up. I 'spent' tons of money getting it up! I've been number 1 on for several weeks in a row...I've gotten featured on several sites and the fans who find me and are into funk, LOVE my stuff. And also throughout this time, I have sent unbelievable numbers of CD's out to internet big-wig music industry posers. There are just as many of these idiots on the web as on the street and possibly more. I finally have begun to recognize and smell the bullshi...through the way these people present themselves through their emails or websites.

And so, here I still am. I'm tired of working the net. I'm tired of the incredible LACK of sales. I'm tired of selling more D.A.M. CD's than my own wonderful 'real' CD that I put so much of myself into. Presenting the 'artistic' Christina that fans are supposed to get into and follow like something they can't get enough of - like Deadhead fans. The internet is an endless spiderweb of music sites that promise incredible recognition and fame and an artist just ends up being someone who will bring tons of hits to these sites continually feeding the banner advertisers illusion that all of us are going to bring all of our fans over and they all will click on the banners. Personally I HATE these flashing banners. They are irritating. When I'm on the web, I'm looking for something specific. I have a life outside of the Internet and I don't surf for hours on end. I go to a search engine to find what I need. I certainly don't pay any attention to these banners, especially if they are flashing!

Anyway, I'm off the main point here, whatever that is! :) I think the point is that I'm tired of the Internet game and I'm going to be using all my resources to move back to where I belong, on stage, where real people clap, and not only buy my CD, but want me to sign it. I will never discount the web for new fans finding me, but I have not had thousands of fans clamoring to reach me in email. I certainly have gotten some incredible new fans. People that totally 'get' my artistic vibe and just cannot believe it touches them and that I'm presenting what I'm presenting in my lyrics and package. I have also managed to attract a potential manager (we are currently in the talking, discussion phase), and also a sponsor who want to provide an endorsement package for me with a PA system and my bass player with a bass set up. So Internet hussling does pay off...but it gets tiring and the hussling takes an incredible amount of time.

I won't stop the Internet hussle...but I want what I came into this world for. Lazer lights, camera's, action, soundchecks, and a heavy hittin' rhythm behind me pumping my music through me and into the crowd!

The f-in delay's and roadblocks in finding band members have better f-in get out of the way, cause I'm sick of not doing what this child has been waiting her whole life to do, continue, and finish.

Funny how in this business, one can be so serious, do dedicated, so hard-working, and yet get totally ignored by the industry. Brushed off as just another 'wanna-be.' I don't see how anyone can pay attention to what I'm trying so hard to achieve, working so hard to attain, and ignore me. Are they idiots? There is money to be made!

"Hey! Hey you industry person...listen up. I've got a complete artistic package and image. I've got a sonically excellent independent CD release. As good as anything you would put out. I've got this already all done. I'm beyond what is known as a 'hard working artist..' I make it to all my studio sessions on time, I don't do drugs, I've got some looks to give and some incredible soul to drip. You could use me and I could use you. Let's deal....What do ya say? No...sorry I'm not Britney or Macy Gray...and nor would I want to be. I'm me. Christina 'funkywhitegirl' ready to dig deep into the hungry public out there and take us all to new levels of love." "No...don't shy away from the word love now...let me remind you, people pay for love. They die for love. And right now they want love more than ever. Love, depth and some 'artistic' vibe in the music... what a concept! So now, are you going to continue to be ignore me or shall we talk?"

-- Christina AKA
one 'funkywhitegirl'

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- *well* worth reading!

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