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The Ramblings of an Independent Artist
APRIL 2000

Rambling's Here And There...this, that, the other thing....
2000, Christina Fasano. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

Another month of ups, downs, crawling, running, flying, getting bored, getting ecstatic, and wondering about all the packages I've sent out and what people are doing with them! Are they coasters? Are they Frisbees? Are they in piles in dusty corners? Are the CD's being copies and mass produced in Thailand? Japan? Europe? The Ukraine? Am I completely famous somewhere and don't know it?

Somebody emailed me that one of my photos was being used as an Avatar on a site...that freaked me for a moment and then I just decided I'd better forget about it cause I'm puttin' myself out there and on the web, when you do that, well your face, music, info., everything becomes like a free for all. I might as well get used to it and fast! :)

Gosh...what on earth has happened this last month? I don't keep daily notes, you know and so here I sit trying to go back in the memory banks of this last month that flew by.

Well I'll just start rambling whatever comes into my head. Da Jam Band, the band that had courted me into joining promising to cover my material in their shows, now only wants to do covers of famous artists because of the types of venues they will be playing. And so I am left again without a band. Yes I bowed gracefully out of the situation with much angst. I am a born performer. I have songs that have crawled out of my soul and onto a CD. I've worked extremely hard to make sure everything I do is drenched in my 'artist' vibe. From the CD to my website and right down to the business cards I had made up, and the letters I send out. To be asked to stand in front of a bunch of people at a bar who only want to hear Donna Summer and Gloria Estevan songs while they dance, get drunk, hit on me, and then go home, is like asking me to trash my whole life. And so it came as a bit of a shock after Da Jam Band had been so into doing my material to finally find out they did not want to do it. It left me standing with great disappointment because the one and only thing I have wanted to do my entire ENTIRE life is perform. I can go on and on and on in words, ranting and raving that I can perform... That I have the talent...that I have what Michael Jackson has, Tina Tuner, etc.., but until I am on stage and dripping with what moves up from the center of me and out, it's no good.

The Da Jam Band news came a couple of days before I was to leave to go for a week long spiritual retreat of sorts called Coyote. I left with all my angst and came back knowing that it was all cool and for the better and that the players I need will appear. I learned that I cannot be stressing over all this crap. I am doing the absolute best I can and that is more than enough.

I had a band already forming besides the Da Jam Band situation, and what was very disappointing was that the bass player I had hoped to use, disappeared. Not literally, that I know of anyway, but he stopped returning my calls and wouldn't reply to my emails. So another very very hard hit to my hope. If there is one thing that has to be absolutely slammin' in my band, besides all the other players... :), it's the bass player. And this guy had it. Oh well... Christina must go on!

But it's comin' along. Meetings this weekend are scheduled with some very fine players and I'm hoping to get a date in the Oprah Winfrey Oxygen Tour when it passes through San Diego the first weekend in June.

Fans this past month have been absolutely incredible!!! Not only my 'front line' fans.... but the new ones that have found me and have just been dripping with support and helping me to get more and more notice. Two people, (producer types), have stepped up to the plate offering to do dance re-mixes on a couple of my songs... which I would like so I can get some music into the clubs. Through another fan, I found a web person to update my site for an extremely reasonable rate. Another fan and his wife want to help me get out there by helping to put together some live shows. Sounni, of did an incredible interview on me and two other interviews will be coming through other sources very soon. I was featured on several sites this past month and my website has gotten over 10,000 hits since November! AND I've been in the top 2 songs on the R&B charts for several weeks and in the top 5 on the Funk charts at for several weeks as well!!! Amazing. Just amazing. But...whoa is me...I still need the stage. I need it bad. Gimme that stage and those 10,000 people who hit my site and then we will see some ACTION!!! sigh.

But overall the consensus is the same one I come to every month - I CAN'T KEEP UP!!! Ha... And this last month, I drove my fans absolutely batty with all the voting I was asking them to do here there and everywhere! But they were indeed troopers as we took the MusicDish Battle of the bands twice!!! And because of my front line, I'm maintaining those high Mp3 and Soundclick chart positions. One very important thing I try to do for these front line battlers (ha), is to reward them somehow. I think it's crucial that people kno w they are appreciated. I try to offer something in every newsletter I send out. When I am performing, it's going to be a blast offering show tickets at discount prices and free CD grab bags with stuff! I can't wait!

And the one nightmare of my month, even worse than Da Jam Band, was getting my taxes done!!! Uggggghhhhhh! I had spent the entire year dropping all receipts, canceled checks, bills, etc., into a box, because I was saturated with my focus on getting the CD finished. Well you know what that means - hours of sorting and preparing and going 'what was this for?' And since I've been audited 3 times, I have to prepare extra careful in anticipation of again being audited for what the IRS thinks is a hobby. Yes Mr. Tax man or Ms. Tax Woman, I've dropped thousands and thousands of dollars into this here CD and I'm in hock beyond hock and this is a hobby. Ummmhummm. Yes indeed...hobby my.....

Until next month....this has been the 'funkywhitegirl.' Stay cool and FUNKY now ya hear? :)

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