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The Emerging Artist

Leon & Sheryl Olguin By Leon & Sheryl Olguin

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Welcome! We are Leon and Sheryl Olguin, and this is our first column for the Muse's Muse. We'd like to thank Jodi Krangle for the opportunity to communicate with you every month.

What is an "emerging artist?" Well, we must be up front and tell you that the term is not original with us; we borrowed it from a friend of ours, Nate Sakany, president of Incubator Creative Group, an independent label and artist management company. We like this term because it's an accurate description of an artist who is in the throes of starting and building their music career. An emerging artist may be a beginner at his or her craft. An emerging artist may have many years of experience playing, singing, and writing, and is in the process of "taking it public." In either case, the emerging artist is the one who's working hard to take their music to the next level.

Sheryl and I have a special place in our hearts for emerging artists. We've worked with a great number of talented artists in our studio over the years. Many of them have done their very first recordings with us. We want to see every one get off to a good start.

If you're an emerging artist, this column is just for you. Building a music career can be at once both exhilarating and frustrating. Some days it will seem like everything is breaking your way and other days you'll feel like no one cares whether you ever play another note. We've been there and we understand. We want to help you get started off on the right foot in your writing, your performing and your recording. There are pitfalls we can steer you clear of, and mistakes we can help you avoid. We can show you how to save time, money, and even the occasional heartache. Can we solve all your problems and keep you from making any mistakes at all? Can we guarantee your success? No one can promise to do that. However, we've learned a lot as producers, recording artists and writers, and we're glad to provide any insights we can, based on our experience.

If you're an "old pro," don't pass over this column! You're never too far along to learn something new or to be reminded of the fundamentals from time to time.

A short bio


A short bio:
Leon and Sheryl Olguin are the owners of S.O.L.O. Productions, a music production and digital media company, founded in 1990.

Sheryl Olguin: Sheryl is a performing songwriter with three independent releases and several published and recorded tunes to her credit. She has an extensive background in digital media. She led strategic Internet initiatives at Harris Corp, and later was responsible for the interactive digital TV demonstrations on the Harris/PBS DTV Express nationwide tour to promote digital television.

Leon Olguin: Leon is an arranger, producer, and recording engineer with two independent instrumental releases and numerous published and recorded compositions to his credit. He's a classically trained pianist with a BA in music theory and composition. He's had extensive experience as a studio musician, live performer, and music minister/director. His song "White as Snow" reached the status of classic worship song faster than any other song in the history of contemporary Christian music.

You can learn more about S.O.L.O. Productions, and about our studio, by visiting us at

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