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The Emerging Artist
What You Do Has Worth
By Leon Olguin, Edited by Sheryl Olguin

2000, Leon & Sheryl Olguin. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

If you're like many songwriters, from time to time you've stopped and pondered what it is you do. You start with a blank sheet of paper, or a blank bit of tape in your recorder, and when you are finished, you have created something that didn't exist before. Then you take this thing you have created, and share it with family, friends, and maybe even a bunch of strangers. You note the power that your creations have over people. Some are touched, moved even to tears, some are challenged to change their way of thinking, some are encouraged and have their sagging spirits lifted. All from something you created from nothing.

Think of all the songs that have had an effect on you. Songs connected with significant events in your life, happy or sad times, emotional highs or lows.

Many married couples had a "special song" sung at their wedding, and then another song played for their first dance at the reception. Maybe they had a special song that was "their song," the song that was playing when they first realized they were in love.

When Sheryl and I were married, I wrote a special piece for her to come down the aisle to, (no traditional wedding march for us!), and another composition for us to walk out together to. I also wrote the music for a song that was sung during the ceremony by the musician who introduced us! We didn't dance at our reception since it was held in my in-law's backyard, so there was no "first dance" song.

For those couples without a built-in composer, someone had to write those "special" songs. Those bits of words and music all started with a blank sheet of paper, and were brought into existence by folks who wanted to create something powerful and lasting.

Do you ever wonder if your songwriting is worth anything? I'd be willing to bet that you've mulled this over from time to time. American culture places a huge emphasis on being "productive" (i.e. making money), to the point where artistic endeavors such as songwriting are seen as something of a waste of time (unless a money-making "hit song" is produced).

Do you ever feel as though you're wasting time writing songs? If so, remember those songs that are now a cherished part of your life. Someone had to write them. Think about the times when a member of your audience came to you after a show and told you how one of your songs touched them. If that has happened to you, you can't forget it. If you've never experienced this, keep working, writing and honing your craft, as a writer and performer, and it will happen. There's always a chance that one of your songs will become a treasured part of someone's life.

A short bio:
Leon and Sheryl Olguin are the owners of S.O.L.O. Productions, a music production and digital media company, founded in 1990.

Sheryl Olguin: Sheryl is a performing songwriter with three independent releases and several published and recorded tunes to her credit. She has an extensive background in digital media. She led strategic Internet initiatives at Harris Corp, and later was responsible for the interactive digital TV demonstrations on the Harris/PBS DTV Express nationwide tour to promote digital television.

Leon Olguin: Leon is an arranger, producer, and recording engineer with two independent instrumental releases and numerous published and recorded compositions to his credit. He's a classically trained pianist with a BA in music theory and composition. He's had extensive experience as a studio musician, live performer, and music minister/director. His song "White as Snow" reached the status of classic worship song faster than any other song in the history of contemporary Christian music.

You can learn more about S.O.L.O. Productions, and about our studio, by visiting us at

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