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This site has grown a lot since its early days in 1995. The information contained within it is built up over many years and constantly being added to. The audience for the site has increased hugely over the years too. That's what's made it necessary for me to redevelop the site and to host it on a dedicated server. These are costs that I pay for out of pocket and that are recurring.

The Muse's Muse is a labor of love. Something I put a lot of hard work and energy into - and something that I truly enjoy maintaining. But because of its growth, it's costing me more and more to keep up. At the same time, even as costs are going up, I don't want to have to charge visitors to use the site.

I've resisted asking for assistance like this for a long time. And the site does make a little bit in advertising on occasion (if you're interested in advertising here, have a look at the media page for more information) but the time has come.

Contributions are, unfortunately, not tax deductible, but if you have visited this site, enjoyed what you see here, found it useful and would like to contribute to its upkeep and continual development (there are always new projects in the works!), any amount of donation would be greatly appreciated.

Just as a little side note, contributions of articles, offers to moderate or create and maintain different sections within the message boards, or anything else you think would help enhance the site, are also very welcome. :) Feel free to contact me and we can talk about it.

In the meantime, if you would like to offer a donation of funds, please click on the button below (you'll be able to specify any dollar amount you'd like). And thank you again.

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