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If you know of any contests or interesting market information that isn't listed here, please do e-mail me and tell me about them. I'll be happy to add them to the list. Alternatively, if you'd like better coverage and a guaranteed spotlight at the top of the listings, contact me for more details.

For Market Information, please check here.

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Please note: This page of contest listings is a free service provided to songwriters for their information. The Muse's Muse does not endorse any of these listings personally nor can it be held responsible if individuals listed here are not as they represent themselves to be. As per *any* submission and/or participation in an event or service you might consider, please research the organization carefully before getting yourself involved with them. Education is power! Good luck!


Hack the Bells is the world’s first remix competition for carillon. This project is an exploration in sound, vision, and performance that asks artists and new media visionaries to use the bells as they see fit - to hack the bells.

This project encourages artists, musicians, performers, and other visionaries to use the Campanile and/or the openly licensed Campanile audio and images from our library in their creative work. Works will be submitted to and reviewed by a jury of international artists, new media innovators, cultural curators, and academics. They will select a winner, who will be awarded a prize of $700 USD and an opportunity to have their work permanently acquired by the University of California, Berkeley, and the Anton Brees Carillon Library for public display and use. Three runner-up prizes will be awarded, totaling $100 USD each. No entry fee.  Entries Due September 1, 2014.

The Great American Song Contest features awards for 50 winners in 10 categories and provides $10,000 in Prizes. Entrants receive written song evaluations from music-industry judges, including publishers, music producers and recording artists. The event is open to songwriters, lyricists and composers around the world. Sponsored by Songwriters Resource Network, a trusted educational resource for songwriters everywhere. Submission deadline is November 20, 2014. For details, visit:

The Hype Hustle is contest a for musicians which measures online hustle over musical talent. The contest has a one month registration period and runs for the entirety of the next calendar month. Applications are free and are available during the registration month before the competition. HHP or Hype Hustle Points, are used to keep score, and are awarded for various ways of connecting with fans. At the end of the competition, those with the most HHP will be awarded prizes including professionally mixed and mastered singles, music videos, photo shoots, web sites, and viral marketing campaigns. Only 3 artists will win, but all artists will enjoy the publicity and and internet exposure the Hype Hustle provides for up and coming musicians. Official rules and regulations apply and and can be read HERE. Applications are FREE and available upon request

Lyricists! Here’s your chance to shine! Get recognition for your lyrical work. Winner receives a certificate and $50 cash.The 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winner's lyrics and judges critiques will be published in the DSA “Songwriters Notes” and on the DSA Website. Entry fee is $10 per lyric. Submissions ongoing. Quarterly Entry Deadlines: Winter - March 31, Spring - June 30, Summer - September 30, Fall - December 31. For information on submitting:
Established 1984. One contest per issue, 6 issues each year.

Requirements: Send lyrics only. Lyrics must be typed and payment for $10 (per entry) must be enclosed. No limit per contest. Include an entry form with each lyric sheet submitted. Call for required official form (615-321-6096615-321-6096) or print it from our website. ~ Lyrics only, no cassettes or CDs.

Awards: A Martin guitar DX-1 with case, D'Addario strings to each contest winner. Top 4 winning lyrics for each contest reprinted in American Songwriter Magazine. Honorable Mentions are listed as well. Each issue features a Lyric Entrant Q&A as well. One overall winner per year receives airfare (from American Airlines) to Nashville and a demo session at Music City Music Productions.

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