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Viva La Voice!

Beth Lawrence By Beth Lawrence

2011-13, Beth Lawrence. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission (Please do not reprint without asking permission!)

As Artists, we are all in the business of communicating. We connect with others by telling our stories through song, spoken word, and music. This column celebrates our humanity as we share our collective experience as creative artists. Along the way I hope to impart some spiritual, positive, and practical knowledge on singing, songwriting, the art of being an artist, and most importantly - how to find that confident, unique voice that will help you change not only yourself, but change the world. Viva La Voice!

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  • Proper Care and Feeding of The Gig Voice! - You use your voice constantly, for your whole life; and if you're a singer or speaker, you need to insure that your voice will stay healthy for life! Proper care and feeding of your voice is necessary to maintain a strong, rich voice that is vibrant, clear and has a tight, not wobbly vibrato.
  • Being A Wordsmith - We communicate through music.  It touches our hearts.  So when we are creating words and music we must write and speak to the heart.  A Wordsmith must be clear while also being eloquent.  That's where art meets feeling.
  • Songwriters Are Imagineers! - Imagineering combined with reality is a great way to write songs that give you a protected space, so that no one really knows if it's truth or fiction.  It will remain a mystery whether or not whatever you're singing about really happened to you,  and will keep the audience guessing as to whether you are baring your soul, or just being a brilliant Imagineer!
  • Why Songwriters Should Be Fearless Singers! - Who better to share your music with the World, than you? If fear of singing, or fearing that you don't sing well enough is holding you back, fear no more! You don't have to be perfect - just be a great storyteller. This article will give you some great insight on the road to uncovering your unique brand, and sharing it with the world, fearlessly!
  • The Importance of Being Real - As a performer, as a storyteller, it is our mission to reveal our authentic self when we take the stage. This is probably why many performers suffer from stage fright - they are truly terrified to open themselves to an audience who they feel may judge them negatively. The only way to get over this fear is to drop the facade and realize that we are all the same. You must know that we are all of the same tribe. And a tribe protects its own! Being real means that you understand the commonality that you share with everyone in your audience. You share a common humanity. We have all cried, laughed, loved, been rejected. If you are hiding behind a mask, only pretending to be real, not only your audience, but your own true self will be left unmoved.
  • Pitch Problems???? - Breathe! - If you are supporting your tone with a relaxed but engaged belly breath - a breath that seems to fill your whole body, this will create a firm 'platform' on which your tone rests.  When a singer is under pitch, it is almost always simply because they aren't engaging enough vital breath energy that then becomes firm breath support for the voice.
  • The Alchemy of Singing - "When we attempt to convey emotion through song or speech, we are using the art of Alchemy to transmute air into a medium that others can hear, translate and feel." Yes, basically it comes right down to plain old physics applied to performance art! The bottom line here is that in order for your audience to feel anything as a listener, you must be feeling something as you're singing your song!
  • An Artist's Worth - Learning to stand proudly while declaring to the world that you are a professional musician isn't always the easiest thing to do. In fact, it may take some practice when confronted by nay-sayers and 'Nine to Fivers', but knowing your artist's worth is priceless!

A short bio:
Professional Voice Diva Beth Lawrence has performed on stages worldwide as a concert singer; is a Broadway composer; and has 10 Award-winning CDs to her credit.  As a producer, composer and singer, Beth has won awards from Billboard Magazine; L.A. Jazz Scene Magazine; The American Song Festival, and Parent's Magazine.  Beth is the author of From Shower To Stage!...7 Easy Steps for Singing Like A Pro. ( Beth is the Owner of Viva La Voice, a conscious music company offering Music Branding; enlightened creativity products, and Music Mentoring programs that ignite the Superstar potential in every one of us!

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