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Too Much Happening - Too Little Time!
By Trevor Krueger - 05/19/2010 - 10:24 AM EDT

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, I reckon Iím building myself a Super Highway!

Recent months have been very interesting but relatively unproductive in the song writing area. Instead Iíve been busy working on a new Sitcom concept which is now with producers for consideration, and Iím heavily into building my new website promoting international relations. All positive I guess, but somewhat less fun than song writing.

On the bright side, my good friend Bill, of well over twenty five years, has moved back to the local area and re-established his home studio. A fine guitarist if ever there was one and keen to get back into the creative harness. To encourage him along, I rushed him over some new lyrics and, no doubt, as soon as he finishes unpacking the boxes of ornaments, heíll start composing. Of course, I told him to take his time, just a couple of hit melodies this month will be enough, I canít expect too much of the old boy.

The lyric I sent was inspired by a documentary on Willy Nelson. An excellent song writer whom I always manage to give less credit than he deserves. I guess thatís the problem with songs. We grow up with them, learn to love them, but forget someone actually had to write them. Well, we should be eternally grateful for every one that touches us. My own new song is called ďDo Your BestĒ and evolved of a conversation with my son after I told him about a video Iíd watched on YouTube. It featured a 12 year old girl named Severn Suzuki, daughter of Dr David Suzuki the Canadian Naturalist, you are certain to be familiar with. She had travelled with two young friends all the way from Canada to a UN Conference in Brazil where she confronted the delegates about the state of the World. Her speech was inspiring. I believe the video is called ďThe Girl Who Stopped The World For Five MinutesĒ. Check it out if you havenít seen it, you will be impressed I promise. I certainly was.

Anyway, it struck me that we should all do the same. We should all strive to do our best while we have the chance and help make the World a better place. If a twelve year old girl can do it... well Ė you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, another good musician friend and artist, Chris Mills, has recently been inspired to help me do exactly that, to make the World a better place. He himself has recently been inspired to paint a series of pictures based on the lyrics of the Beatles, see them at: Now, they have been approved by Sony/ATV Music and will soon hang on their walls in Nashville Ė not bad huh? Now, Chris has done me the great honour of  donating another image, entitled ďAngry MobĒ, which I am auctioning for my charity, dedicated to rescuing Third World children from enforced prostitution. He actually did that before he got the word from Sony, so I reckon that was his reward for a darn good deed for the kids. You can see the image and the campaign at my BLOG site

So, my point is simply that no matter how busy you are, you really should always try to do your best, for when you do, good things happen. Good intentions donít cut it, you actually have to deliver. So donít just sit there Ė start making plans!

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