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Trevor Krueger By Trevor Krueger

2007-2009, Trevor Krueger. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission (Please do not reprint without asking permission!)

I'm a passionate lyricist living just outside London, England. My column will focus on my own experiences, taking my songs through the publishing process, to wherever they end up. I'll also be talking about what intrigues me as a writer and where my inspiration comes from. I'm a full time entrepreneur dealing in publishing and creative talent, so I'll also be reporting on the activities of other UK based songwriters and some of the new talent as it appears on my website for the promotion of creatives at

A short bio


  • Too Much Happening - Too Little Time! - Sometimes, even though you have the very best intentions to fulfill all your obligations, you just don't seem to get the time. But, if you can look back amidst the chaos and discover that you have still managed to do some real good - you can sort of forgive yourself.  This is what I've been up to recently...
  • Are the reality shows really killing the music industry? - With so many reality shows now sourcing and promoting new talent, is it having an effect on the music industry or conventional artists trying to climb the ladder of success? What effect does it have on the record industry and where is it all leading?
  • The demise of the UK Recording Studio - Technology continues to threaten the foundations of "quality" recording to the point that many top London Studios are already gone or facing closure.
  • Curry and a Mantra for Music - I thought I'd found my ideal opportunity when a friend showed me a restaurant with live music potential... but as ever, money gets in the way of creativity.
  • The Eurovision Song Contest - Lost to the songwriter for good? - The Eurovision Song Contest - Whether you love it or loathe it, has always been a major opening for song writers. But, now even that's changing here in the U.K.
  • A Return to Reason? - Are the ISP's finally getting serious about free downloads from the net and their responsibility to do what they can to protect the future of music as we know it?
  • Untrained Melodies - Inspiration begins the journey while interpretation completes it. Here is one example of how one can sometimes deviate from the other.
  • Ill Fate or Good Fortune? - Sometimes what you plan - can go wrong. But if you believe in fate and have faith to follow the path you are given, it may just be for the better...
  • Stepping Stones from The Cradle to The Grave - Life is full of music, but there exists for each of us certain songs that stay with us forever.
  • Let's Live A Spice Life - As much as I want to be remembered for the quality of my lyrics, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. You just never know where the next inspiration will come from!
  • The Importance of Childhood Experiences - Kids these days aren't experiencing the same things kids in earlier generations experienced.  How will this affect what they decide to write songs about as they grow older?

A short bio:
Trevor Krueger is a freelance writer and entrepreneur specialising in the marketing of art and music. He lives with his Malaysian wife and two of his four children in Essex England and has offices right next to the forest and fields away from city life. His enterprises include: and and he runs and edits a high profile site for the celebrated British, London West End and Broadway actress and dancer Bonnie Langford (famous for Dr Who.)  He has recently launched his own magazine called Taste of Asia (see link above) and spends most of his time editing and writing articles and reviews. He is a slave to posh restaurants and is currently working on a music/show theme restaurant in London... watch this space!

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