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The Most Effective Way To Make Progress On Guitar
By Tom Hess - 09/07/2015 - 05:30 PM EDT

Regardless your current guitar playing skill level, there is one thing you can do to get huge results from your guitar practice. Here it is: Monitor and track every element of your guitar playing.

“How in the world is this going to help me get more results from my guitar practice?” you may be asking. I know, it sounds too simple to actually help you improve. Fact is, this single strategic move will help your make a lot more progress in your overall guitar playing.

To see an example of the massive difference that tracking your progress has on your guitar playing, study this free guide about increasing guitar speed.

The following are the biggest reasons why tracking your musical progress will have a huge positive impact in your overall guitar playing:

Reason One: You Will Identify What You Are Strong At And What You Are Weak At

By utilizing the most efficienttool for monitoring your guitar playing progress, you will gain the ability to analyze your musical skills on two main levels:

1. From a higher perspective: This view shows you how you are improving many different skills. You can track (for example) music theory knowledge, chord visualization, guitar speed as well as see how your main skills improve in each specific area.

2. From a micro perspective: This view shows you one big musical skill divided (and tracked) into small sub-areas. This shows you where you are in relation to your ultimate playing goals and also tells you why you are at a specific playing level and what you need to do to transcend that level.

To see an example of this, read this guide about guitar speed. Here you can see how the main skill (guitar speed in this case) is divided into six small sub-areas. As soon as you track, practice and finally master each of these six sub-areas of any main skill, your guitar playing as a whole will improve greatly.

Reason Two: You Will Get Rid Of Your Fears

Tracking your guitar playing goals is like having a cure for slow guitar playing progress. Knowing every step you need to take - every single day - to become great will give you a deep sense of confidence in your true potential for becoming the guitarist you always wanted to be.

Reason Three: You Will Move At Faster Pace Towards Your Musical Goals

If you don't track your progress on guitar you won't be able to see how close you are to reaching your ultimate musical goals. You also won't know if the approaches you use when practicing are actually effective and leading you towards your desired guitar playing level. Without knowing these key details, the vast majority of guitarists lose focus and spend time on pointless stuff like learning random licks, tricks, concepts, and materials – all of which push them farther away from their original guitar playing goals.

Guitar players who DO monitor their progress regularly can see how each practice item they use is working for them. They can easily see which exercises are the ones that give them big results and which are the ones that don't. Thus, they can improve, change or substitute-out practice items that deliver poor results. With this approach, you can quickly become the guitarist you always wanted to be and much more.

In addition, the big results generated by monitoring progress are not exclusive for music. Think about how universities monitor students’ progress, performance and improvements over time. This way, students can be assessed and see their own results over a short period of time which leads them to achieve a much bigger goal. Just like this, guitarists who aim to become great must monitor their own progress regularly.

Reason Four: You Will Find More Reasons To Practice Each Day

As you keep improving the results you get from your guitar practice by tracking your progress, additional amazing things will start to happen:

1. A natural motivation will grow inside you. This happens because you now SEE how you become a better player every single time you practice guitar.

2. You will develop an addiction (a healthy one) for practicing and growing your guitar playing levels.

3. Both previous points will reinforce each other. Thus, it will become an independent guitar progress loop that turns you into the best guitar player you could ever be.

You now have discovered how you can benefit from tracking your musical progress. Don't waste any time practicing guitar without tracking all the elements of your guitar playing. To get a deep understanding about the specific areas you must track in your overall guitar technique, take a look at this guide about playing guitar fast and apply the advice in it to maximize your guitar playing progress.


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