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Quest For The Craft

Tim Ogle By Tim Ogle

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to "sell the farm" and move to Nashville to become a songwriter? Well, I quit wondering about it and didit. It has proven to be a unique experience. I will use Quest For The Craft to let you see my ongoing experience in The Music City. I will give you a glimpse of the frustration and excitement that can occur when life's overlooked details get in the way of pursuing the songwriter's dream in Nashville.

A short bio


  • Growls, Grunts and Moans - Don't be afraid to be "uncool" while songwriting.
  • Networking that works - The first five of what may become the "Ten Commandment's" of networking.
  • Rewriting - Another month has passed in Music City USA and Iím having to focus on just what I want to share with you all this month. no, no, no... Music City USA is full of experiences just waiting to be discoverd by the songwriter living in itís bowels... no, no, no
  • Get Your Ducks In A Row - Let's talk about getting your ducks in a row this month.
  • My First Lesson - My first writer's night experience was a catastrophe....
  • The Back Story - One visit to Nashville was all it took.

A short bio:
Tim Ogle was born in Roanoke, Virginia, the son of a minister and music teacher. From early childhood he was surrounded by the influence of musicóall kinds of music! Country music, gospel music, rock and roll from an older brother and sister, and classical music from an occasional PBS radio station were all a part of his rearing. During his high school years Tim developed a great interest and appreciation for the power of music on the human psyche. This natural progression of music interest led Tim to the guitar. Dogged determination on his part resulted in his mastering the instrument of choice. That mastery led to his interest in song writing. While working as a mental health professional, Tim has honed his craft and written several songs that he has performed in diverse venues in Kentucky and Tennessee. To pursue his vision of succeeding as a song writer, Tim moved his family to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2005.

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