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What They Won't Tell You

Tara Sales By Tara Sales

2003, Tara Sales. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

Please note: Tara is no longer a columnist on The Muse's Muse, but we're all grateful for her contributions.

I wanted to write a column for you that would open up your mind, help you to look outside the box and see there is no magic formula for success - just a clear direction that only your drive and ambition will help you to get to. I wanted all the complication removed, just the raw and real world of music, begining from the ground (concept) and working all the way up to the finished product - Cd's, video's, promotion and distribution.

All you need is the right team to make everything happen. You need support from people who believe in you and your music. The largest part of finding your success is to not try and do everything yourself. Use your connections. Become a professional card collector. Or follow the 3 P's - Persistant, Pleasant, Pest. Keep at people until they see you are not going to quit until you have found the success you desire.

Every month I will give you new leads to follow, some advise and awesome interviews from bands who are making it (money) with their music.

A short bio


  • Pilate - On Signing with Maple Music - Pilate is a four-piece band that performs melodic, emotionally fueled pop. Sometimes raw, at other times beautiful. Sometimes lush, at other times bare bones. Sometimes loud, at other times meek - and often all of these within one song. Read on for an interview with this dynamic band.
  • Taylored: One of Toronto's Hottest Bands -Revealed! - Taylored has to be one of the hardest working bands in Toronto...4 guys on a mission with Matt Taylor at the helm. Their music is fresh, honest and funky! Check out there site at and see what you think, but 1st you better read this amazing interview!

A short bio:
Tara Sales has worked with the likes of Jeff Healey, Joao Carvalho, and Peter Linseman. She is a singer/ songwriter, studio manger of Umbrella Sound Studios in Toronto, a freelance writer, and working on a fiction novel. Also being a former Miss Toronto and currently Miss Central Ontario, doesn't hurt. For more information on Tara please visit her website at

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