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SONG is a Four-Letter Word

Jennifer Haase By Jennifer Haase

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Darlin', if you came to my column looking for professional advice from a successful singer/songwriter you are terribly lost.  I don't have a clue how to do this yet, either, you see.  But before you consult your map again and set off toward your own true north, I'll pour you some tea and tell you a story or two.  Stories about being a 40-something "real woman" songwriter who let go of a 10 year Corporate America job to finally give this creative life craziness a full-time go.  Stories about how I'm out here learning to trust myself and feel my way through the unpredictable, often impassable songwriter life landscape, too.  Just like you.

I will confess too much.  I will hope too much.  And I promise you right now that I will have some really life-affirming tantrums along the way.  The life of a full-time singer/songwriter is not for the faint of heart, my dear.  But then you already know that, now don't you?

Here's my ongoing "Life of a Songwriter" story and what I'm learning along the way.  I look forward to hearing your story and learning from you, too.

A short bio


A short bio:
Jennifer Haase (rhymes with "classy") is a folk-pop singer/songwriter transplanted from her home state of Nebraska to New York over a dozen years ago.  Writing songs since her early 20’s, Haase developed a Jewel-Meets-Mary Chapin Carpenter song style with straight-from-the-journal lyrical perspective.  Sidetracked by various challenges and a 10 year career in book publishing, it took awhile for this songstress to take the writer life leap full-time.  For better or for worse, that time has decidedly arrived.  Haase’s 2nd independent album “No More Invitations” will release in 2010.   For album updates, shows & blog musings please visit and

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