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Sky's The Limit

Seth Milliner By Seth Milliner

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I can’t multitask. I couldn’t chew gum and pick my nose at the same time if my life depended on it (in fact I’m liable to hurt myself if I try). It’s because of that I’m consolidating my thoughts, feelings, opinions, advice, and introspective deepness on the topic of Christians and music, in a single hodge-podge monthly posting, rather than six. I discuss the sometimes contradictive combination of being a Christian and being a musician at a variety levels: from the weekend warrior worship band musician to the independent, part time Christian musician taking a stab at occupational ministry at the ‘professional’ level, and more. I discuss all the hot topics, no matter how controversial. You get my personal view, a biblical perspective, as well as a business and artistic approach to the paradigm of Christianity and music. If you love music, and try to integrate it into your life as a Christ-following individual, come join me for some insight, discussion and hopefully spiritual encouragement.

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  • Are We There Yet? - Part 1: Do We Ever Truly ‘Get There’? - In an effort to remove some of the mystique from such common questions as “how can I get noticed?”, “what do I do next with my music?” and “how do I get my music on Christian radio?”, I’ve decided to try to put together an essay series exhausting my experience and knowledge on these issues, specifically targeted to the musical artist just starting out.
  • Are We There Yet? - Part 2: Getting Started - Getting started in the Christian music industry isn’t an exact science. There are a thousand different paths you can take, but here’s what I recommend. Now make sure you read this carefully, because it’s really deep, OK?
  • Are We There Yet? Part 3: Promotion - So now let’s talk promotion (a.k.a. “promo”). As you float along the river of occupational music & ministry you’re going to have to admit to yourself sooner or later that there’s a degree of success that’s dependent upon proper and appropriate promo.
  • The Great Contradiction - Some mistakes I made with my writing, and my unfortunate, insatiable desire for success in an industry that pivots upon humility.
  • Platforms (and how they hurt my feet) - Ever wonder why there's so much sensitivity and controversey surrounding Christian music? Christians all over just view it differently; from the professional commercial industry to modern worship team. For my debut article I'm dissecting the viewpoints and throwing out an alternative way of thinking about the whole scene.

A short bio:
Seth has been writing and playing music in the form of guitar, bass, drums and a little keyboards for church worship, in garage bands, special occasion groups, special music, solo artist backup, recording ventures, cover bands, ambiance, jingles, studio musician for hire, and commercial bands both secular and Christian for the past 10 years. He’s toured around, following his musical endeavors, to 18 different states on multiple regional tours; he’s been broken down on the side of the road with little or no money 5 different times and been appalled by the audacity as well as surprised by the generosity of fans, promoters, mechanics, A&R reps, booking agents, lawyers, managers, lead singers, and publicists alike. He's a struggling writer with little talent and no training, but a love for written communication and the desire to relate to others striving to make and keep music a part of their life.

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