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Bass Guitar Tips

Scott Morris By Scott Morris

2009-10, Scott Morris. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission (Please do not reprint without asking permission!)

Hi, this is Scott Morris - CEO of You Can Play Guitar.

I know and realize that there seems to be an endless amount of helpful resources for guitarists, yet for the bass guitarist, it seems that finding good advice and helpful playing tips is nearly like finding a needle in a haystack.

Learning to play the

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  • Learning The 7 Modes - In my last article I explained the major scale formula which I taught to you in the key of C for the reason that in the key of C, all the notes played are "natural notes" which means there are no sharps (#) or flats (b) which makes one less thing to have to worry about memorizing when first learning about scales, modes and their formulas. In this lesson article, I'd like to introduce you to the 7 modes of C major scale.
  • Bass Guitar Tips #2 * The Major Scale - A bass guitar scales primer lesson - the Major scale.
  • Bass Guitar Tips #1 - Scott's first article is an easy introduction to learning how to play the bass.  You'll be jamming along with other guitarists in no time!

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