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Selling Out!

Ricky Fitzpatrick By Ricky Fitzpatrick

2002-2007, Ricky Fitzpatrick. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission (Please do not reprint without asking permission!)

Welcome to "Selling Out!". No, I'm not going to tell you about how to compromise your musical integrity for the sake of radio airplay, commercial success and screaming teenagers. That would be in the NSync How-To Handbook, page 136 (ha). But seriously, what we WILL do is try to touch on the basics of selling, in general, and how you can apply them to your musical career.

We all know that marketing yourself as a musician and/or writer involves, among other things, creativity and social skills. You're writing great songs? Great. But they'll never see the light of day if you don't know how to "sell" your material and sell yourself. We'll be covering the basics of selling...whether it's cars, dishwashers Oh, and by the way, have I got a deal for you...!

A short bio


  • My space...Your space. What's the Big Deal? - Don't want to be known as "getting on the bandwagon"? Fine. Then you WILL get left behind...left at home...left at the station...left at the port...left, left, left. Performing Songwriter Ricky Fitzpatrick takes a quick look at Myspace and why having and utilizing a Myspace presence is so critical to your career and success as a songwriter and/or performer.
  • The Power Of One - Many times, as the secluded, "artsy" musician, we forget how important it is to connect with our audience. Read on as we get into the power of one satisfied, smiling, talked-to, just-made-a-friend fan!
  • Everything But The Kitchen Sink - Quit your whining already. You say you're not making any all...I mean not AT ALL, with your music? Chances are, you're not merchandising. Here's a few tips from the highly-guarded vaults of my experience. Hey, I'm happy...this is one of the few things I've done that actually WORKED, okay?
  • The Art of Closing the Sale - Every salesperson does it...heck, EVERYBODY does it, whether you know it or not. I'm talking about "closing the sale". This will be one of several periodic articles that explore the ease and power of "closing" that is essential to success when you sell your music, your set, your CD, your self, your soul...
  • Shut Up! - Being an effective salesperson is more than knowing how to talk the pants off of your prospects. Read on about the importance of effective listening and how learning to shut your mouth can dramatically increase your chances of success whether you're pitching songs, singing, talent, live shows, demos, etc...
  • The Three Keys To Successful Selling - Nothing happens in this world until something is sold. We've all heard that before, but have you ever applied it to your musical career? Well, maybe you should. Selling is an essential part of what we as musicians do. Read on...

A short bio:
Ricky Fitzpatrick has been performing since the age of five. Since that time, he has written over two hundred songs, performed at hundreds of venues and earned the respect and admiration of his musical peers in the North GA area. In 1989, he joined BMI as a writer and has recently established his own publishing company, Ricksha Music, and his own label, Sonicopia Records. He is also a local and area Star Search Male Vocalist, a vocal finalist in the Amateur Night at the Apollo series and has written a song that was endorsed by the Downtown Development Authority of his hometown (Commerce, GA) as a candidate for the town's official song.

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