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In Sound

Matt Borghi By Matt Borghi

© 2001, Matt Borghi. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

PLEASE NOTE: Matt is no longer a columnist on The Muse's Muse. His life has gotten extremely busy. We all recognize that such things happen and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. I'm very grateful for the time he took to participate.

In Sound will deal with sound as a whole. Iíve chosen the title In Sound, because that will allow me to write freely about sound, as that includes all music, and anything of or pertaining to sound. Itís this flexibility that is necessary when one decides to write a regularly scheduled topic-based piece, such as a column; you want to be specific, but you want to be general, as well.

In Sound will focus on tying sonic, and musical experiences, and in some cases extra-musical experiences, into creativity and inspiration as a whole, with special emphasis on composition and songwriting. As a sound artist, Iím constantly inspired by those sounds around me, itís my goal to bring some of those stories and ideas to the page here, expound on them, and possibly create new compositional and music writing perspectives for other artists to consider when they set about to create.

A short bio


  • In Sound: Life-Music: The Sonic Landscape of Life - My first installment of In Sound at The Muse's Muse deals with the inspiration of life's sonic landscape, or all of the sounds around you, and how you can use it to further both your artistic process and other artistic endeavors.

A short bio:
Matt Borghi is a Detroit, Michigan-based composer/sound artist and writer. With four recordings to his credit, Mattís music has been played all over the world. Matt also writes about music quite a bit, and currently his staple gig is writing record reviews for All Media Guide/ He also writes for BPM Culture Magazine, Artbyte, New Age Voice, Massage Magazine, and Sequences U.K., as well as a variety of Web sites including,, Alternate Music Press, Urban Mozaik, Aural-Innovations, and many others. You can hear Mattís music at Also, drop Matt a line. Despite the uninviting picture, heís really a pretty friendly guy!

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