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Songwriting Techniques and Theories

Kole (Kyle Hicks) By Kole (Kyle Hicks)

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My name is Kole and I’m glad you’ve taken the time to look at my column “Songwriting Techniques and Theories.”  In this particular column, I will be presenting and explaining techniques and theories that you can use in your own songwriting.  Some of these techniques and theories are things that I have learned throughout my studies, but I have also created quite a few of my own.  Anyway, without any further ado, I urge you to read and take as much as you can from the articles posted below.

Best of luck and feel free to send me an e-mail at if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or article requests.

A short bio


  • Craft, Creativity, Customization - In this article, Kole discusses 3 essential keys to successfully write your music.
  • 3 Uncommon Practicing Ideas - Do you ever get bored with practicing the same exercises over and over again without getting significant results? In this article, Kole tries to solve the issues of boredom and practicing "inefficiency" with 3 Uncommon Practicing Ideas
  • 5 Composition Tips for the Young Composer - I’ve written down these 5 tips for the young composer. It doesn’t matter what style, what level, or how far you truly want to take it… from hobbyist to professional, these 5 tips will greatly improve your composition ability.
  • Adding Color to Your Music - In this article, I discuss one of the techniques to add "color" to your music.  Specifically, we will be replacing "1" with "9" and not only understand it's function, but it's role in other genres of music.
  • The Minor 2nd - The often misunderstood and under appreciated interval.  In this article, I will be showing you how you can practically use this "dissonant" interval in your own music.
  • Getting into the Flow - In this article I discuss a few ways on how to open yourself to the muse and in doing so, eliminate mental and creative blocks while composing.
  • 3 ways to get out of a Songwriting Rut - This article lists 3 different things I did to get through the songwriting "ruts" I encountered while composing music for my debut album "Exile."
  • Horizontal and Vertical Thinking (Vertical Thinking Part 1) - There are two main ways of thinking when it comes to Composition and Songwriting.  This article will explain the second and most familiar school of thought, Vertical Thinking.
  • Chord Connections - This article will focus on the movement of chords within a progression and the possible ways to phrase your melodies based off of this movement.
  • The Importance of Musical Exploration - In this article, I explain the importance of studying and learning from music styles different from your own.
  • The Theory of Appreciative Comparison *Part 1* - A theory borrowed from the world of Psychology but adapted to Music. (Introduction to the Theory and it's purpose)

A short bio:

Kole has finished two years studying music composition and classical guitar at Indiana University and is currently attending Musicians Institute (GBM). He has also studied with guitar virtuoso, Tom Hess, and world renowned vocalist, Jaime Vendera.

If you are a fan of Comedy, then you may enjoy the latest short film that Kole has scored the original music for.  It is titled “Facebook: The Movie” and you can view it HERE.

If you would like to find out more information about Kole, his music, articles, or if you have any questions feel free to visit his site at

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