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By Jerry Flattum - 05/28/2008 - 01:03 AM EDT

Need help with Pro Tools, Cubase, Apple Logic, Propellerhead, Garageband, taking out the garbage?  I believe there is a video on how to take out the garbage, I just haven't found it yet. 

Two guys, Asa Doyle and Antony Livoti, are answering the call to all of us out here in the wild lost in the deep dark woods of music technology.  Or maybe we're drowning in a sea, running from a tsunami, or the volcanoe has already burst. Whatever the metaphor, you've got plenty of answers with Groovebox

You can even sit back with a box of popcorn and a handful of milk duds and pretend you're at the movies.  However, I really wouldn't recommend getting too relaxed since what you are watching is really meant to be hands-on. 

I didn't sign up for everything because my current focus is Pro Tools.  I started to count how many videos there are pertaining to Pro Tools.  After 50, I decided it wasn't necessary.

And, I WILL sign up for everything because eventually I want to get into Ableton Live, Propellerhead and the other toys we have to create hit songs with. 

Kenny Gioia provides Volumes 1 and 2 Tips and Tricks for Pro Tools.  So once you've covered the basics, you can move on to more in depth explorations. 

For instance, here are a few of the Kenny Gioia titles: 

"Learn to use the Beat Detective Collection Mode on Multi Tracked Drums to quickly and easily tighten them up and make the performance groove." 

Or, "See how to create a cool "Stuttering" effect guitars, keyboards, drums or any other instrument."

Or, "Learn the art of recording multiple takes of vocals and turning them all into the one Perfect Take."

That's just a sample of dozens in the Editing Section. 

In the Mixing Section, you get stuff like:

"Auto-Tunes advanced Graphic Mode is explained and demystified by showing it being used on an actual "out of tune" vocal track."

Or, "Discover how to create a more effective natural sounding compressor with this insightful studio trick."

In Volume 2 under Utility and Workflow:

"Learn some great ways to ultilize the Import Session Data feature."

Or, "Learn how to speed up the process of selecting plug-ins that you use frequently, and how to further organize your plug-in lists and windows."

Groovebox just recently (May 2008) upgraded to a more powerful and faster server.  Yeah, like I was worried.  What that really means, is that while you and I are grinding away at the stone, Doyle and Livoti are working behind the scenes constantly to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable learning experience AND environment.

Do you realize that not only can you learn Pro Tools and whatever in your underwear, but that you can learn, write, perform, produce, mix, master and upload a hit song, then collect tons of royalties...all in your underwear?! 

My God, it's the underwear revolution!

Of course you're worried about cost.  Don't be.  If you can't afford Groovebox, you probably have no electricity and get your water from a creek out back behind the mud shack you live in. 

Don't like watching videos online (yeah, as if you haven't spent hours watching cat and dog fights or "Paris in Jail" or Make Up Tips for guys on You Tube)?  You can buy the Boxed Version of either CD-Rom or DVD-Rom formats.  Or, do the digital download thing, or, stick with the online service and watch online, all the while you have your copy of Pro Tools or whatever open and ready to immediately apply and practice whatever tip or trick you're working on.

Here's a quote from the Groovebox site:

"We specialize in creating informative and effective video training for today's popular music production software and techniques. Our training has been used by thousands of users and is regarded as the best of the best by many professionals, enthusiasts, teachers and hobbyist alike."

Continuing on:

"We focus on delivering informative and effective content that is easy to follow. Our training has been accepted by thousands of musicians and engineers, colleges, universities, trade schools, working professionals and users just like you. We were the first to offer online access to training specifically targeted to the audio community and the first to offer bi-monthly content for our members. We have the largest collection of training for Pro Tools, Reason and many of our other applications, anywhere. We offer both training on disc and digital download from our site, as well as training off the shelf from select retailers."

That's not hype.

I know.  I'm an experienced user. 

You can view sample videos, see full tutorial listings for all titles and access all available online channels and Digital Download offerings.

Hit a wall?  Tech support is fast and effective. A "100% satisfaction guarantee" sounds like a cliche gimmick, but that's just what you get.  Groovebox utilizes the latest in secure dedicated servers and encryption technologies to prevent credit card misuse and identity theft, while guarding email address information and preserving privacy. was founded in 2004 by Asa Doyle and Antony Livoti.  I spoke with Asa on the phone and he is truly passionate about music technology and the changing digital landscape on a global scale.  And yes, there is worldwide shipping.  Both these guys are musicians and audio professionals, so they understand music and engineering needs from a personal level. 

Their partnership program is no less impressive, starting with  Sweetwater is where I buy virtually all my music gear and when you buy certain qualifying products like Pro Tools, you get a free "G-Pass" to Groovebox

Groovebox also offers a forum so you can swap mud and spit with other like users. 

Other partners include, SoundJump, Loopmasters (leading provider of Samples and Loops, (over 100mb of Free Loops for Paid Members), Broadjam Inc., Zero-G (more samples and F/X), Groove Monkee (MIDI loop libraries.  There are tons of free MIDI Files for Paid Members.

I can only imagine what new areas Groovebox will expand into in the coming months/years.  Already they got stuff like "Mic Techniques 101."  I'm looking forward to keyboard tutorials myself, or maybe how to solve world problems or how to build a spaceship...but that might be pushin' it. 

Did I say it's a beautifully designed site?  I just did.

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