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Cross-Marketing (Linking): Selling your music
By Jerry Flattum - 04/09/2008 - 04:25 AM EDT

New ways to sell your music online is exploding.  CD Baby is only one of them.  Of course you need your own website, but how does anyone know where it is--how to find it?  One way is to cross-link, particularly with other sites that feature your music. 

Yeah, well that's all well and good.  But how good are these sites?  How effective are they?  Do you get lost in the cyber-shuffle? 

Listen, I'm actually asking YOU about the following list of sites. 

I'm involved in a majorly intense recording project myself.  I put together a Pro Tools-based home studio (using the 002 w/ Command 8), bought a ton of virtual instruments, got the Creation Station computer (Sweetwater) with 3 internal drives and 4 external drives totally close to 2 terrabytes, 2 keyboards, a Fender Squire and a new pair of Santana bongos w/ stand (not sure if I'll actually record the bongos.  I love percussion but will mostly be using samples). 

I'll be using Bob Katz to master.  I'm not taking mastering lightly.  I'll be recording, producing and mixing, but when it comes to mastering, I leave that to someone who really knows what they're doing. 

Bob Katz website is Digital Domain

I'm no engineer nor do I want to be.  I went the home studio route largely because of external studio costs, even though I've spent a small fortune on my studio already.  Mastering Pro Tools has put me through hell.  And it's not just Pro Tools--it's all the stuff that goes with it, like Native Instrument's Komplete 5 suite of virtual instruments, w/ the KORE 2 audio interface. 

So, if you've got questions about this equipment, particularly Pro Tools, or, whatever issue you face in using Pro Tools or other recording software, well, we've got alot to talk about. 

That's the equipment and process end of the deal. 

Once it's all said and done, next comes marketing. 

I am NOT opposed to major label publishing and recording deals.  I'm not opposed to mainstream.  I have no attitudes towards commercialism.  I'm not trying to "buck" the "system."  If you are, fine, let's hear about it.  But I'm more interested in being successful and becoming a legitimate artist. 

On the otherhand, much of what I'm doing does follow the Inde route.  In the beginning stages here, I won't be a "signed" artist, but I want to be. 

In following posts to my forum, I'll be talking about the major labels and especially the major publishers, like Chappel, Peer, Dreamworks SKG, etc.

Up to now, the majors have given the world the best music and artists and I couldn't be happier.  If this is changing, if the majors are toppling down (which they're not), and the Internet is the NEW major, then fine, let's talk about it.  But I don't know and YOU don't know, because everything is in a whirlwind. 

Jay-Z's new deal with Live Nation just happened.  No one knows if such a deal will turn out successful. 

You can read about it here:  "In Rapper’s Deal, a New Model for Music Business."

So, following is a list of sites that make alot of promises.  I've yet to use these sites, but I intend to.  I want to know what you think about these sites and I want to know what else is out there. 

You see, here's the deal.  I met a musician who doesn't take music very seriously.  Well, he and a buddy put together a CD of very poorly recorded and sloppily written material and did the CD Baby thing.  He admits to the hack work.  The point is, this stuff is selling. 

Well, it's not the first time crap has sold, that's for sure--major deal or no major deal. 

Anyway, that was proof enough to me that there is some credibility to this inde route and in some ways I need to rethink my strategies for success. 

Any comments, questions, adds/deletes or bitches, take it to the Muse's Muse Message Board (forums).  And send me an email letting me know you've got something to say. 

Here's the list (without review):

First off, places like MySpace and Facebook provide good showcases and cross-links.  What else is there?

Bandit A&R Newsletter


CD Baby


GoDaddy (build your own website--What else is there that's free and is of quality?)

Hit Quarters

Hit Quarters at Wikipedia






OIKZ (site might be currently down as of April 2008)


Songlink International

Spotted Peccary Music


Come on, there are dozens more, I know it, and I want to hear about it.  Does Taxi really work?

Here's my website, if ya wanna see where I'm headed.  No, the tunes ain't uploaded yet.  Plus, I got new photos and other tweaks comin', but at least it gives you a good idea of my seriousness.

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