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Blazing My Own Trail

Henri Ferguson By Henri Ferguson

© 2002-2003, Henri Ferguson. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

NOTE: Henri is no longer a columnist here at The Muse's Muse due to time constraints but we certainly do wish him the best of luck and thank him for his contributions.

I believe that the future for independently released CD projects and singer songwriters is better than ever. The technology is in our favor and although the internet has opened the proverbial can of worms with respect to piracy, I remain undaunted in the belief that we will not only survive but we will thrive. We have to be creative not only in our craft but in how we reach our audience. Like most everything else affected by the Internet the music business is changing so we must adapt. If we don't think outside of the box we will just be perpetuating the problem. This column then will be a forum for sharing knowledge and ideas as I chronicle the release of my CD. I invite feedback and look forward to lively and informative exchanges with likeminded artists. Indie music will prevail.

A short bio


  • Becoming Authentic - Henri speaks frankly about his hopes for his next DIY project - and about what it means to him to "become authentic".
  • Passion = Success - I suspect that many of us DIY artists are doing this because it’s our passion, and the time and money we spend are almost irrelevant. The other consideration is how we measure success. In many of the songwriting workshops I have attended the common theme seems to say, write from your heart, write about what you know and live your passion through your music. And if this really is your passion, then by virtue of that you are a success.
  • Keeping a Beginner's Mind - Last article I talked about planting seeds, and as in that process, we are filled with anticipation about “what will sprout up”. We as Indie artists, and new at gardening are well advised to keep a beginner’s mind. Yes we need to learn all we can about the soil we are seeding in, and what will likely flourish there, but there is also an element of luck and variables we have no control or knowledge of. As a beginner anything is possible as long as we believe in it and this process starts at the point where we decide to record specific songs.
  • DIY "Planting Seeds" - When looking at the big picture, writing the songs and recording them was the easy part. Getting your music out there and listened to is where the real work begins. Here are some ideas on how we, as small fry indies, can do that.
  • Singer/Songwriter: The Making of a DIY CD - The first part in the DIY CD process.
  • Singer / Songwriter - The Making of a DIY CD Part 2 - This is the second part in the DIY CD process. Here I cover players in the cast who will help you nail your creative target, the actual recording, mixing right through to the final mastering.

A short bio:
Henri Ferguson is a Canadian singer songwriter, who has just returned to Edmonton after residing in Hong Kong for the past two years and living in the Cayman Islands for the better part of the nineties before that. Born in Indonesia, raised in The Netherlands, Argentina and Canada, has resulted in a cultural mosaic of life experiences that he brings to his eclectic style of folk/roots music. His debut CD "Missing the Boat" released in September '02, has garnered airplay in Europe, South Africa and Australia. It is scheduled for North American release in spring '03.

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