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The Legal Score

Guy Betar By Guy Betar

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Whether you are a composer, performer, home musician or professional, or a combination of all of them, this column will provide something of interest to you in terms of understanding how to come to grips with legal and related business issues that affect your creative efforts and output. What I hope to achieve is to look at a variety of important topics from a practical point of view and communicate knowledge to help you improve your understanding of how to help yourself. I welcome feedback and questions from readers, so don't be shy - send me an email asking for information on a topic or a response to a question.

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  • The Real World - Exploring Issues Raised by Readers - This article describes some real fact scenarios experienced by readers and looks at some of the important legal and commercial issues their experiences and questions raise.
  • The Real World - Part 2 - This article continues the review of some real life problems of co-authorship, licenses and copyright in relation to compositions.
  • Protecting Your Rights In The Digital Age - The digital, paperless age has brought so many new and exciting opportunities for musicians and composers - but knowing what your rights are and how to manage and protect them presents just as many challenges as it always has. This article is the first in a series that will look at important issues for composers and performers to consider concerning their rights, and how to deal with them.
  • Protecting Your Rights In the Digital Age - Part 2 - This is the second article in the series that looks at helping you, as an artist and/or performer, understand your rights, and how to protect them, particularly in agreements.

A short bio:
Guy is an experienced lawyer living in Sydney Australia and specializing in technology, entertainment and commercial law. While working with a wide variety of clients from large corporations to individuals, he has also been a columnist for several non-legal magazines and has presented a wide range of seminars. Guy is also a musician and composer whose music has been used on television and in the media. His principal instrument is the acoustic guitar but he also dabbles a little with electric guitars and keyboards. His music is quite varied, covering purely musical compositions for which he uses synthesizers, to a variety of pieces written for just acoustic guitar. Recordings of Guy's music and songs can be found on (and purchased from) the Broadjam site -

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