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Dick Levon By Dick Levon

© 2001, Dick Levon. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

My name is Dick Levon. I love to make stuff. "Out of what?", you might ask. You name it. I am driven and compelled. I make stuff out of paint, wood, stone, sound, words, ideas, paper, light, space, anything. I use tools of all kinds. Drums, hammers, screwdrivers, chisels, keyboards, toothpicks, brushes, pencils, electric guitars, saws, drills, and whatever.

I have a deep and inexplicable hunger to create. It's an urge like sex. I am not at peace unless I am making something. It is ignited and fueled by inner images, charged with captivating emotion and energy. I know many artists of various disciplines who are happiest when creating and who get miserable when doing their "day gig".

I am gripped by urges or creative impulses. Yet, it is the imagination that really mystifies me. I am fascinated, no, awestruck, that I can have these inner visions. We have that strange and mysterious ability to see things within. These inner "visions" are the raw materials of anything we create.

This column is about exploring, honoring, loving, and nurturing our most precious gift of imagination. We need vital and flourishing imaginations as songwriters, artists, friends, wives, husbands, colleagues, etc. The imagination is as vast as the universe. What lies within us is as large and vast as the night sky filled with billions of stars. The possibilities are endless. Believe it. Imagine that…!

Dick is no longer able to write articles for The Muse's Muse due to time constraints. But I heartily thank him for all his contributions in the past and wish him the very best of everything in the future!

A short bio


  • Every Song Penetrates - In this article Dick Levon considers the importance of respecting the power of songs to impact life. He believes our efforts can be destructive or creative and this is a choice. He also raises questions to consider about the extent to which we may or may not be aware of the nature of our artistic intentions. His experience has shown him that most songwriters or artists underestimate the impact of their art.
  • Self-Acceptance: An Ace Up Your Sleeve - This is the 3rd episode of “Imagine That…” adventures in nurturing the precious gift of imagination. The focus of this article is Self-acceptance and its prominence as the single most important factor in psychological health, creative flow, and imaginative strength.
  • The Gifts of Black Horse - Welcome to the second in a series of articles intended to honor, stimulate, and nurture a vital and thriving imagination. This article includes a very creative way to find what you need in order to sustain and protect your imagination and creative talents. You are invited to read and participate in the activity that is presented here.
  • Respect the Muse - This is the first of a series of articles intended to honor, stimulate, and nurture a vital and thriving imagination and creative process of the artist/songwriter. There is nothing more important to the artist than the imagination.

A short bio:
Dick Levon is an Artist, Art Therapist, and Psychotherapist. He says, "I love to awaken the great healing powers of imagination and creativity in helping others overcome obstacles encountered in the pursuit of a meaningful and fulfilling life." He is in his 30th year as a professional therapist using the expressive arts in therapy working with people of all ages and backgrounds. This includes art, music, dance, writing, drama, and ritual. He is an artist, illustrator, musician, and song writer. He facilitates several innovative programs. Victories of the Heart is a rare and intense experience for men about relationships. The founder of One Heart, a program for young men designed to inspire realistic optimism. Co-founder of The Men's Art Forum a monthly gathering for men to ignite creativity, deep self-expression and connection. He co-facilitates Rhythm Beyond Words, a drumming workshop for women and men for increasing creativity, reducing stress, developing awareness, and team building.

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