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How To Get a Song in Front of a Publisher
By Dan Rivers - 04/22/2011 - 03:11 PM EDT

Cold call a publisher.  Make all your cold calls together.  10 in a row. Rehearse what you’re going to say.   Keep it short.  Very short.  Start at the lower tier publishers and work your way up.   Make these calls Tuesday , Wednesday or Thursday am only.   I know most publishers are at the record companies pitching on Wednesday morning - but the ones that aren’t there are looking for songs for next week!

Know the Name and Title of the person you are calling.  (You want the Creative Director).  The receptionist will tell you “We don’t take unsolicited submissions.”   Receptionists are like linebackers.  They are tough and fast.   To get by them, ask for the name of the person you are calling. Is Woody Bomar in? 

Don’t leave a message. Call back.

If you get the Creative Director on the phone, address him by his first name.   Say “Woody-- I’m Joe Songwriter-I’ll be in town next week.  Can we schedule a ten minute appointment- I’ve got a couple of songs I’d like to get in front of you? “  If you say anything else, like –can I mail you some songs – I’ve got great stuff –I’ve written a thousand songs- I won a song contest -they will tell you they don’t accept unsolicited submissions.    The key words here are” In Town”. The amateur word here is “mail”.    They might get their appointment book out or they may tell you  “We don’t accept unsolicited submissions”  but drop them off –we’ll call you if we are interested.   They won’t call you but you can call them-wait two weeks.   If you get anything remotely positive you’re on the right track –hit them again.  In about 3 months. And every three months until they sign you or throw you out. 

The drop offs may get you an appointment after a few tries.   

Of course they accept unsolicited submissions.

                Dan Rivers

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