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Fine Tuning

Dagmar Morgan By Dagmar Morgan

2002, Dagmar Morgan. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

Dagmar is no longer able to write articles for The Muse's Muse due to time constraints. But I heartily thank her for all her contributions in the past and wish her the very best of everything in the future!

Drawn to fitness by my never-ending pursuit of vocal excellence; I have been exploring my own vocal wellness and improvement through fitness for the last four years. A Singer/Songwriter I am also a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist and Personal Trainer. My own experience has taught me that the overwhelming amount of information about nutrition and fitness available can leave you confused and well... less productive and healthy than you would like to be. From the basics of fitness to intense training and vocal care I will show you how to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle and how fitness and nutrition can enhance musicianship, physical performance, spiritual wellness and creativity.

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  • Singing The Praises of Yoga - This article will explain the principles, history and benefits of a Yoga for vocalists.
  • Resist, Resist and You Will Be Strong - This article brings you vital information for vocalists regarding Resistance Training by covering the basics, dispelling myths and explaining what forms, if any are appropriate for singers.
  • Kickin' Cardio For Vocalists - How to train your cardiovacular system to enhance vocal endurance, technique and stage energy.
  • Singers As Athletes - For those of you just embarking on your vocal journey, this article will outline what parts of the body are used to vocalize and why vocalists are just like athletes.
  • Fine Tuning 101 - Dagmar Morgan's first installment of "Fine Tuning", relating inforation about health basics and daily vocal care.

A short bio:
Dagmar Morgan is Toronto based Singer/Songwriter who has been seriously studying vocal for six years. Her adventures have taken her to the Humber College Jazz Music Program and now on to York University where she is completing her BFA. Currently Dagmar is playing lead singer to rock band Loud Mouth Soup and teaching privately as well as at community schools. As fitness professional Dagmar has over four years experience bringing wellness and people together. With sport related information and alternative/complimentary therapies she is excited to bring sound advice to musicians and songwriters all over the world.

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