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Sounding Off

Cheryl Mullen By Cheryl Mullen

© 2002-2013, Cheryl Mullen. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission (Please do not reprint without asking permission!)

If music is a religion, then I'm an evangelist. This column used to be about spreading the Good Word of talented-yet-obscure artists, and maybe someday it will be again. But for right now, it's about my random observations on the world and how music interacts with it. Music is not only my religion--it's my drug, it's my passion, and it's the life force that gets me out of bed in the morning. If the same is true for you, you'll understand and appreciate what I have to say, even if you don't always agree with it.  

A short bio


  • A FOND FAREWELL (for now, anyway) - Cheryl was here, now she's gone, gone to live Life On a Song...
  • BACKSTAGE WITH THE BAND-AIDS: EMERALD - Soon after I published “THE GOOD GROUPIE’S TEN COMMANDMENTS” in 2008, I started getting emails from groupies seeking my advice on how to handle certain situations with their bands. This was absolutely the most serious one I received.
  • BLACK SUNDAY SET LIST - February 14--or as I like to call it, Black Sunday--is fast approaching. Here's a set list for those of us who aren't feeling the warm, fuzzy, sugar-induced high this time of year.
  • THE GOOD GROUPIE'S TEN COMMANDMENTS - The long-overdue follow-up to GROUPIES--THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE NAUSEATING. Want to make sure you're the kind of groupie who leaves a good impression with your favorite artist and not a bad one? Here are some rules to live by!
  • CYNICAL GIRL ISO CODE MONKEY - Everybody has their "dealbreakers" when seeking out a potential mate. Mine just happen to be musical.
  • WHAT'S LOWE GOT TO DO WITH IT? - Some people spend hundreds of dollars in psychotherapy to cope with their grief and pain. I write columns for the Muse's Muse.
  • SING NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE--Film Review - What the heck is a film review doing on a music website?? Read on and find out!
  • CD REVIEW: Barry Carl - The SoLow Project - Q. What does a 6’4” grizzly Bear record on his first solo CD? A. ANYTHING HE DAMN WELL PLEASES!  Check out what the former Rockapella bassman's been doing in his retirement!
  • GROUPIES--THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE NAUSEATING - Are you a "good groupie" or a "bad groupie"? Or are you merely a fan? Has your dog-like devotion to your favorite artists driven you to the point where you need an intervention? Take the quiz and find out!
  • Great Big Sea - Find out why this Celtic quartet is the coolest thing to ever come out of Newfoundland! Also: your chance to assist some fellow musicians in need.
  • Tale Of The Underdog - This month my column lives up to its name as I sound off about some underdogs who were unfairly neutered. I also talk about some underdogs who are fighting the good fight to promote their fellow underdogs.
  • Deni Bonet -- Her Music's Got An Attitude! - Read about the coolest contemporary violin diva EVER and learn how you (yes, YOU!) can help promote her brand-spanking-new TV show!
  • Snippets - A little bit of this, a little bit of that...This month's column touches on several different subjects, including two talented singer/songwriters I recently discovered (Melissa McClelland and Jenn Lindsay).
  • Julia Fordham - Forget that Striesand chick--THIS is the most gorgeous voice ever to grace the planet Earth! Darn fine songwriter, too...
  • Da Vinci's Notebook - What do boy bands, fish sticks, and internet porn have in common? Read here to find out!
  • Sean Altman--An Honorable "Mensch"-ion - He's a singer/songwriter! He's an arranger! He's a legend in his own apartment! Find out how and why former Rockapella member Sean Altman made the transition from kiddie-show icon to successful solo artist.
  • Intro/Naked Music - Since this is my first column, the first half talks a little bit about me. The second half talks about why I like to listen to music naked. (Oh, you're just DYING of curiosity now, aren't you? :) )

A short bio:
While Cheryl Mullen sang and played flute in high school and college, she can't write music to save her life. This naturally makes her eminently qualified to write about people who can. Her close proximity to Manhattan gives her a multitude of opportunities to hang out in dimly lit clubs and hear phenomenally-talented-yet-toiling-in-obscurity artists. This column's mission is to make those artists a little less obscure. She is a semi-retired professional groupie (having seen Rockapella more than 40 times), a World Trade Center survivor (not a joke), and an animal lover (her favorite animal being Le Mew, her 16-lb. black cat).

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