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Carley Baer By Carley Baer

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We independent musicians are standing at the edge of a vast, uncharted wilderness.  Behind us, the Industry As We Know It is collapsing on itself, and our only hope for survival is to forge a new path into the great unknown.  It isn't easy being a pioneer, and it is only our sense of community and will to succeed that will get us through.

So, what now?  Now that we're here, looking out over all the unclaimed territory, how do we get started?  After all, it isn't everyday that we get to reshape an industry.  My aim is to help draw the map, using things that I've learned on my own as well as any stories or tips that you've picked up along the way.  Together we can create a new game plan; we can create an industry in which everybody thrives; and we can do it all on our own terms.

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  • Bring an Umbrella - She's back from her travels, and she has stories to tell. :)
  • Whatever You Do, Don't Look Down - Writer's block suuuuuuucks.
  • Work For Free? - Sure, music is ridiculously lucrative if you're a mega-star, but what about us lowly independents?  Do we have to keep slaving away for free until someone discovers us and pays us the money we're worth?
  • A Pirate's Life For Me - Sure, piracy sounds like a bad thing.  But when it comes down to getting every last dime vs. sacrificing a CD or two to get your music out there, what's really the better option?
  • Pick A Direction - One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was, "one step at a time." I repeat it to myself when I'm at the bottom of a massive hill, looking up at where I want to be. One step at a time. Don't think about the hill. Think about this next step. This next step is all there is. You'll get there eventually. However, these days I feel less like I'm at the bottom of a hill and more like I'm in the middle of a valley, with hills coming up on all sides. Which hill should I climb? Which one gets me closer to where I want to go? One step at a time is all well and good, but it's not really going to help if I don't pick a direction first.

A short bio:
Carley Baer is an indie musician with a fierce DIY spirit.  Having chosen the guitar over the violin at the tender age of 16, she began writing deeply confessional songs and developing a distinct vocal style.  Since then, she's drawn on influences like Ani Difranco and Ella Fitzgerald to create a sound that's all her own.  She has recorded and self-released two CDs and an EP, and tours as often as she can.  More information at, and

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