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Beat On The Brat

Brian By Brian "Sly" Curley

2004, Brian "Sly" Curley. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

Like most liberated 23 year old punks, I want to be heard. As I stumbled upon Muse's Muse one day, I thought, "What a great way to express my opinions on music and its surrounding culture". My column, "Beat on the Brat" will enlighten the reader with my views on pretty much any topic related to music that has little or no significance. You could say this is a column "about nothing".

A short bio


A short bio:
Born in beautiful Pictou County Nova Scotia, Brian "Sly" Curley's life was saved by rock n roll in the early 90's during the "grunge" movement. At this time, he was inspired to learn bass, guitar, and most recently began banging away on the drums. He started his first band in high school and played many live shows with thrashers and friends, A Murder of Crows ( Currently, Sly plays bass for Butter Side Down who in the near future hope to be working on their first release. He can also be found laying down the low-end with singer/songwriter Steven Bowers ( The now 23 year old Sly, spent the last 4 years at Acadia University where he listened to and played a lot of music, watched quite a few movies and wrote some short anecdotes on university life. This primary education was complemented by a degree in Business Administration.

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