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Brian Donovan By Brian Donovan

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When I was younger, I tried to find time to be creative.  What I found was that I had to make the time.  But as I made that time, something else happened: real life always found a way to disturb my precious creativity.

Now, over the years, I have found numerous ways to make that all-important creative time for myself and yet, all of my family members still love me, my friends still talk to me and I have even found outside interests (surprisingly) that fill me with a whole new intensity that creativity could never fill.  The outcome of these lessons is "Music Life" - a column about how to make your creative life and your everyday life peacefully, and productively, co-exist.  Join me, and I'll give you easy ways to be a musician yet enjoy your everyday life during your music's tacet.

A short bio


A short bio:
Brian creates custom songs and production music for film, trailers, tv, commercials, recording artists, video games & apps.

Brian is a multi-instrumentalist who writes, arranges, performs, and records in many genres using his own studio with fast turnaround times and reasonable rates. He is an ideal choice for producers, directors, and music supervisors as he has worked in all of those capacities and so he has a deep understanding of their needs. He makes it a point to combine his musical and technical abilities on projects with respectful, customer-driven relationships and outstanding communication. In addition, he is an experienced audio engineer with expertise in editing, mixing, and mastering and so he provides these services for his clients as well.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music with a Production & Engineering degree, Brian moved to southern California in the late 1990's. There he began his career by working with many well known recording artists and companies, such as Barry Manilow, Mickey Rooney, ABC, The CW Network, and Disney. Since then, he has served as playback editor for countless live performances, and as music supervisor/editor for both network television and several book-on-tape projects for The National Archives. Even when not working on a specific project, Brian easily finds himself editing audio just for fun.

Brian fluently writes in many styles, such as hard rock, pop/rock, orchestral, electronic, atmospheric, and children's music, to name just a few. Occasionally, he will release a record of his own personal pop/rock music as well. Most recently, Brian has been composing music for the second season of the Syfy Network's tv show, Ghost Mine.

In short, Brian delivers great music, fast. For any medium. In many styles.

Occasionally, as is the case with his latest record, Mugu Point, Brian releases and album of his own personal music.

You can listen to Mugu Point in it's entirety on his website: www.Brian

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