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Cyrus Rhodes By Cyrus Rhodes

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Hello. My name is Cyrus Rhodes. Over the past decade, I have been a guitarist in a touring band, a booking agent, a singer-songwriter, executive producer, an A&R Representative. Most recently I have enjoyed being a Syndicated Music Critic. Recently, I launched my own record label based out of Seattle, WA. At the end of the day, I get a lot of fulfillment helping independent artists become more professional. 

The biggest mistake I’ve seen bands make over the years is sitting around, waiting for record labels to show up, offer them a record deal, or make them millionaires. How about for now we put aside the Limousines, the Hot tub parties, & Playboy Mansion Invitations, and set a much more realistic goal for yourself: achieving success at the independent level first. I’m here to tell you before you sell out a Stadium, you must first sell out a local club. Before you mount a Gold Record on the wall, you must first sell thousands of CD’s from the trunk of your car. Before you conquer the world, you must first conquer a certain city or locale. If you're not willing to do any of the above, then this line of work is not for you.  Many new bands and artists out there severely underestimate the amount of work required just to quit their day job. If your band does not gross a million dollars over the first year, does that equate to failure?  Absolutely not. Setting realistic “milestones” or goals in anything you do is a stepping-stone to success. Being a hot artist or band has it's way of being contageous especially via word of mouth. If your doing everything right, typically other things have a way of falling into place.  In any business venture you can even expect a certain amount of failure along the way. But if you stick with it, don’t give up, remain sharp, consistent, and even a little lucky - it can be the wildest ride you’ll ever experience.    

Over the years I have seen firsthand what it takes to be a successful artist, musician, or band. There’s a lot of valuable information I’d like to share with you via my “BIZ TALK“ column.

From the top 10 things A&R Representatives look for when signing new talent, to the worst months to release your CD, to how to choose a mixer, to how to book a gig, etc. Whatever the subject matter, whatever your experience level, BIZ TALK covers ir. BIZ TALK offers straight forward, candid discussions about all things related to the music industry. At the end of the day I'm an advocate for the Independent Artist, and it's my motivation for creating BIZ TALK.  

A short bio


A short bio:
Cyrus Rhodes is the President of Katavi Arts, a small record label based out of Seattle, WA. He also plays guitar for local band Seven Against Thebes – He is also a Syndicated Music Critic, Musical Producer, and A&R Representative for several prominent labels along the west coast. Cyrus is always on the look out for fresh, unsigned talent and will gladly give any band his fair and honest assessment. His vast network of musical professionals is designed to help independent artists become more professional. 

For more information about Cyrus Rhodes - Cyrus Rhodes musical projects include – Seven Against Thebes - & Drum Dynasty -

(C) 2010. "BIZ TALK" commentary property of Katavi Arts.

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