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Take the 5M's Pop Quiz
By Cyrus Rhodes - 01/04/2010 - 03:56 PM EST

Typically if you possess the 5 M's as a band or artist you definitely have what it takes to become a signed professional. The 5 M's are - Motivation, Marketability, Music, Making Money, & Making Friends or Networking. Below are many of the attributes associated with the 5 M's. If your a band or artist, see if you fit the below profile. Add up how many of the below attributes accurately describe you.


        -        You typically play between 100 & 200 shows a year. 

        -        You always remain sharp & consistent.  

        -        You have a great attitude, strong work ethic, and drive. 

        -        You have submitted your Press Pack & "1" Sheet to dozens of Booking Agents, Tour Promoters, A&R Representatives this year alone. 

        -         You have the ability to remain committed to something for several years.  

        -         You have no overwhelming debt, personal or professional commitments, responsibilities, or health related issues that would hinder your Musical Career.  

        -        You could quit your day job if you wanted & rely on income from your music.  

        -        You have released an Industry Standard CD or DEMO. 

        -        You play at least 5 shows a month.  

        -        You have played several shows out of state.


        -        You possess a youthful or cutting edge look. 

        -        Your sound & image are solid for your specific genera (visuals & vocals)  

        -        You possess talent in some way, shape, or form 

        -        You In with the in crowd 

        -       You possess  "Buzz Factor,  seems to follow you where ever you go.  

        -        Your music are all over the Internet.  

        -        Your music and image is compatible with most recent musical trends trends. 

        -        You have a URL. 

        -        You or all band members are under the age of 30. 

        -        Your latest CD is popular within your local city or locale .


        -        You have strong writing, playing abilities, and musicianship. 

        -        Your music stands out from the rest in a good way. 

        -        Your songs have Hit Potential. 

        -        Many of your songs have been played on the Radio. 

        -        You makes a genuine connection with a listeners, and you appeal to a mass audience. 

        -        You have read at least 10 positive music reviews, and 1 live review about your music.  

        -        Your CD's or DEMOS are industry standard. 

        -        You have a barcode of the back of all your CD's or demos. 

        -         Your music is officially registered with a Licensing company like BMI, or ASACP. 

        -         Some of your songs on My Space exceed 100,000 hits?


         -        You have proven you can generate solid income with your music. 

        -        You have sold hundreds of CD's. 

        -        Your CD is for sale a several local outlets. 

        -        You have proven you can generate a solid income through ticket sales.  

        -        You have your own Sound Guy, and Legal Representative. 

        -         You consistently have a good live draw of over 500 fans at many of your shows. 

        -        You always document all "Hard Numbers on your Press Pack and "1" Sheet over the years regarding income. 

        -        You regularly make money ay your Merch table. 

        -        You have been approached by a local indie label before. 

        -         You have made over $1,000 from people downloading your music online.        


        -        You have the ability to network very successfully?  

        -        You are friends with all the top bands in your local area and have done shows with them. 

        -         You have had a local band open up for you before. 

        -        You can maintain a strong working relationship for prolonged periods of time?  

        -        You are socially acceptable, and appealing. 

        -        Ask hundreds of teenagers around town - they all know your band.        

        -        Your bands My Space, Twitter, Facebook have over 1,000 friends following your every move. 

        -        Ask most of the local Booking Agents, and club owners - they all know me. 

        -        We've had the same Band Manager for over a year.   

        -        We're have our own Booking Agent, or have joined a Booking Agency for at least a year.

So do you fit the above profile? Does all of the above sound like you either as a band or artist? If the answer is yes, then you don't need "BIZ TALK' because you're already achieved success. If it doesn't sound like you, then "BIZ TALK" can help you get there.


       A         -       45 out of 50            You are in the top 10% of Independent Bands or Artists. This is your job. 

       B        -        35 out of 50            You are a contender, & could probably quit your day job soon. 

       C        -        25 out of 50            You have potential 

       D        -        Under 25                 You are among 90% of the Independent Bands or Artists

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