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Engines of Creation

Alex Jasperse By Alex Jasperse

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From its beginning as a laughable piece of wood with strings, to becoming the foundation of all things worthy of rocking out to, the guitar has come to represent one of the most important engines of creation in music history.

However, learning it and taking the most from it, is nothing short of an uphill climb that never seems to end. The sheer overload of questions about what to learn, buy and pay attention to – all in hopes of becoming the greatest player as possible – can stop a guitarist's musical progression dead in their tracks. Every musician, book, magazine and website will tell you something different, which leaves many of us scratching our heads just trying to figure out what we really want to achieve.

After nearly five years of practicing, performing and teaching, I've had a lot of "why didn't anyone say that from the beginning!?" or "what do you mean I can't do that!?" moments. As a result, Engines of Creation is a collection of articles and lessons aimed at presenting both familiar and unfamiliar tips and techniques towards approaching the guitar.

A short bio


  • Playing with Uncommon Arpeggios - The next step in stretching your fingers a little bit more.
  • What the Effects? - A quick look at the pros and cons of three types of guitar effects units that exist.
  • Why Not Globalize the Guitar? - Ever thought about making music with someone from a different end of the globe? Why not? If you have some basic recording gear, and a willingness to learn, maybe it's time to explore the range of options you have...
  • Crazy Little Word Called “Shred” - How the need for speed has somehow become how we define a good guitarist.
  • Fretboard Travels - A concise tried and tested travel guide to warm up exercises on the guitar.

A short bio:
At the tender age of 21, Alex Jasperse has dedicated most of his life to his love affair
with music. After playing trombone in a number of award winning jazz and concert bands in
Ottawa, he picked up guitar in early 2002, and by 2005 was teaching at his high school.
While currently a full-time student at Carleton University, Alex has become involved in a
number of local experimental rock, ambient and synth pop projects, as well as the
creation of Bigger Wave Records.

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