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Here are some of the varied songwriters and musicians that participate here at The Muse's Muse. They're well worth checking out so why not take a moment to have a listen? Remember that more great music can be made when you take the time to support your fellow artists.

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Jane Joyce

Jane Joyce Genre: POP

Jane Joyce explodes onto the 2014 music scene with her debut hit single “Kill This Beat”! Co-written and produced by Gardner Cole who wrote “Open Your Heart” by Madonna. Bringing fun, excitement, and sass, Jane is shaking up the pop world, one banging track at a time.

Visit her Website
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Allister Bradley

Allister Bradley Genre: SINGER/SONGWRITER

A collection of stories from inside the soul of a Canadian singer/songwriter/pianist, delivering on the promise of heartfelt emotion, social commentary, and a shy sense of humour, lifted by melodies that stick in your head and satisfy like warm soup on a cold day…

Visit his Website
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Priscilla Hernández

Priscilla Hernández Genre: NEW AGE

Priscilla is a singer/songwriter and illustrator from the canary Islands, Spain. From ethereal haunting gothic sounds and dark lyrics to celtic pop and new age landscapes, discover the spellbinding side of fairytales with her bitter lullabies.

Visit Priscilla's Website
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Possessed By Paul James

Possessed By Paul James Genre: COUNTRY

Feed the Family brings about a new process of recording, namely with other musicians for a change. The intention was never to play alone, so when other pickers are available it’s nothin' but fun! The concept of the songs and themes of course surround family and providing for family. There’s also a bit of Texas influence - more so with this album than others in the past.

Visit his Website

Moebius Cat

Moebius Cat Genre: ALTERNATIVE

Moebius Cat is a fluid and dynamic project, creating melodic and emotional music in an experimental fusion of dark wave, progressive rock, gothic ethereal, world, electronic and neoclassical styles. Sounds intriguing? Then go to the website, listen to Moebius Cat music and download the entire CD to your hard drive or iPod. If you’re a musician or a singer and feel that your talent can contribute to Moebius Cat unique sound - Contact Moebius Cat!

Visit the Website
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Raina's Rainbow Party

Raina's Rainbow Party Genre: FOR KIDS

Sing-A-Long fun for everyone. A mixture of original melodies with traditional kids songs that even parents will enjoy singing along with. Raina has been entertaining young children for over 8 years at private birthday parties, schools, corporate events, and childcare centres. Accompanied by her sticker-covered guitar, children have delighted in her high energy shows while they sing and jam along to songs they already know as well as Raina's catchy original tunes.

Visit Raina's Website

Naz B

Naz B Genre: RAP & HIP HOP

This Zurich-based Rapper talks about the real streets and real stories, about real people - stories from all over the world, anthems for a global Hip Hop generation, not some diamonds and cars fantasy world. Naz B brings together a creative crew around him from all over the world, mixing different flavours together in a cultural melting pot.

Visit his Website

Melissa Auf der Maur

Melissa Auf der Maur Genre: ROCK

For her second solo album “Out of Our Minds” Melissa wanted a more diverse album than her first. She made a creative promise to herself to try new things. For example: For the first time, she wrote a song for someone else’s voice and persona: “Father’s Grave” her duet with one of her teenage heroes Glenn Danzig. She pushed herself to write songs starting with different root sources: the bass, the piano, autoharp, lyrics, melody, guitar, a drum beat. She also made a commitment to herself to return to her visual and conceptual art roots, and make an accompanying “Out of Our Minds” fantasy film and comic.

Visit her Website
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Jodi Krangle

Jodi Krangle Genre: JAZZ

Jodi Krangle and Chris Conway have collaborated for over 15 years, and have sung together on stages in the United States, Canada and Great Britain. Time Will Tell features songs they have co‐written and those they have composed individually, as well as standards and cover songs they both love and were keen to perform together. Over those past 15 years, Jodi and Chris have often wondered if they would ever make an album together. They used to say "time will tell," and now - at last - it has.

Visit her Website

Urban Tapestry

Urban Tapestry Genre: FOLK & TRADITIONAL

This award-winning Toronto-based folk trio has a musical style running from traditional folk ballads to blues, pop and humor, with a variety of vocal and acoustic instrumental arrangements. If you'd enjoy a blend of Barenaked Ladies, They Might Be Giants and the Indigo Girls, you'll love their unique and quirky sound.

Visit their Website
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Scott Turchin

Scott Turchin Genre: REGGAE

Southern Boy with Rasta attitude SCOTT TURCHIN sounds like John Hiatt meets Ziggy Marley, and his newly released album RIVER CAN CRY features real instruments and a great live sound! With soulful voice and irie intent, half American roots rock and half positive Reggae, Scott's music has won national recognition and fans worldwide.

Visit Scott's Website

Little Miss Higgins

Little Miss Higgins Genre: BLUES

Across The Plains, is the 4th full length album she's recorded. It was recorded in Winnipeg, Manitoba at Bedside Studio. She co-produced this album with fellow musician and producer Jaxon Haldane. The album is filled with all original songs. Lots of horns, muck-bucket bass, upright bass, wonderful percussion, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and even one song that is a acapella vocals accompanied by stompin' and clappin' and a sandalwood fan.  She won the 10th Annual Independent Music Award for Blues Album.

Visit her Website

Fred Frees

Fred Frees Genre: NOVELTY

Comedy songs of Christmas, from the mouth of voice actor, Fred (son of Paul) Frees. There aren’t enough comedy songs for Christmas. Certainly not enough involving slapping, farting, waiting hours for your wife, giving your son the present he doesn’t want, thieving Santas, and zombies. And much, much less.

Visit his Website



Creating a unique sound, the super hot &  exciting new neo soul duo Mello Mello is destined to touch hearts and minds everywhere with their debut album An Abstract Love Story.The vocals vacillate between a smooth, Usher-like sound and a more intelligent and complex Outkast sound says Neufutur Magazine.

Visit their Website

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