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Artist Spotlights
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Here are some very talented singer/songwriters that I highly suggest you learn more about. Have a listen to their independently released music and support your fellow artists all at the same time!

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Raina Krangle

Raina Krangle Genre: SINGER/SONGWRITER

A singer-songwriter for over 20 years, Raina is a self-taught musician with a fresh folk-rock vibe. The soon to be released CD is a compilation of her songs over the last 20 years. Raina has heartfelt lyrics and a soulful voice that soothes your ears and makes you want to keep listening. Stay tuned for her new release- Solstice.

Visit her Website

Allister Bradley

Allister Bradley Genre: SINGER/SONGWRITER

A collection of stories from inside the soul of a Canadian singer/songwriter/pianist, delivering on the promise of heartfelt emotion, social commentary, and a shy sense of humour, lifted by melodies that stick in your head and satisfy like warm soup on a cold day…

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Cole Jennison

Cole Jennison Genre: SINGER/SONGWRITER

Singer/Songwriter Cole Jennison wasn't always so driven to succeed. After a youth full of sirens and suspensions, he pulled himself together and focused in on Singing and Songwriting. After 5 years of performing and writing for two rock bands ("By Permit Only" and "Heed") there are two full albums added to his songwriting lineage. Now on his own, Cole's music comes straight from the heart.

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Alex Walsh


"Veering expertly between Westerberg styled smart-guy rock and classic Brit-inspired pop, this is the kind of disc that radio programmers should glom right onto. Each of these tracks is well produced and, thanks to a remarkable roster of musicians, rendered eminently listenable."
-- West Coast Performer Magazine

Visit his Website

Ross Douglas


Mr. Douglas is eclectic by nature
Variety is to be expected.
Comment on his work
"One fascinating song after another -unique perspectives, heartfelt performances superb craftsmanship and a generous dose of humour. Bravo!"
"Terrific songwriting that deserves the widest audience."
He has 3 critically acclaimed albums so check him out.

Visit his Website

Irene Jackson

Irene Jackson Genre: SINGER/SONGWRITER

Jackson's introspective, refreshingly cheerful Folk Pop recalls the glory days of James Taylor and Carole King. The sweet-voiced Canadian sings about the pleasures and pains of ordinary life in a quotidian way that draws favorable comparisons to a less countrified Nanci Griffith.

Visit her Website

Tracy Gibbons

Tracy Gibbons Genre: SINGER/SONGWRITER

Tracy almost always finds her songs on an acoustic guitar, blending influences of folk, country and blues with a contemporary edge. Rich, warm, occasionally haunting arrangements envelope a voice that is uncommonly pure and moving. Tracy strives to dig deep, coming from a place so honest that other can recognize her stories as their own.

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Dan Rivers


Dan has been spinning his haunting story songs in clubs and coffee houses from his home town of New Orleans all the way to Nashville. Often compared to Harry Chapin, Dan’s heartfelt tales will stay with you as the truth of his compelling lyrics take a hold of you. His unique blend of Americana/folk/soft rock will keep you coming back for more.

Visit his Website

Nancy Falkow


Nancy Falkow is a melodic and soulful singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, who relocated to Dublin, Ireland in June 2004 on the heels of her well received 3rd release, "Clear View." As a vocalist Falkow has landed guest spots on recordings from Astrud Gilberto to G Love. Her most cherished career highlight was when she toured as a vocalist with Daniel Lanois on his "Shine" Tour in 2003. She is also half of the duo Sunflow and released "Under the Stars" in November 2008.

Visit her Website

Bud Buckley


Bud Buckley recorded his second CD in Woodstock. "It's About Time" and has reviewers raving about this acoustic folk/rock (and more) record. He is often compared to Dylan, Neil Young, Sting and others. "Bud Buckley makes the kind of music that I want to hear when I listen to the radio," says a recent Muse's Muse reviewer.

Visit his Website

John Amen


Ranging from stripped-down Americana ballads to fully instrumented rock pieces, All I'll Never Need showcases John Amen's gift for melody, unique voice, and powerful lyrics. Sometimes stark and haunting, other times triumphantly celebratory, these songs offer proof that Amen is an invaluable addition to the current musical landscape.

Visit his Website

Planet Muse


A unique project put together by the close-knit community of the Muse's Muse Message Boards. There are 17 tracks, each from very talented songwriters, each with their own unique style. The project was brought together with lots of teamwork, and digitally mastered to produce a work of art that truly demonstrates the creative spirit of our community. These are some great tunes in a variety of different genres including rock, pop, folk and country.

Visit the Website

Ryan Asher


Pennsylvania-based singer/songwriter Ryan Asher has been lighting up coffee houses and clubs throughout the Northeast with his unique combination of catchy pop melodies and contemplative undertones. Asher harmonizes with the sensitive side of music and enters into a realm that such notables as Duncan Sheik and David Gray have begun to explore.

Visit his Website

Jamie Green


With the lyrical honesty of Alanis Morissette, the soulful vocals and intricate harmonies of Jonatha Brooke and Paula Cole, and a production style that is at once contemporary and classic, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Jamie Green, forges her own brand of alternative pop that leaves your heart moved and your body moving. She is two-for-two, winning L.A. Music Awards for her debut and sophomore albums, and is currently working on her third which, production-wise, is heavily influenced by Dido and Seal.

Visit her Website

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