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"That Struggle You’re Going Through May Just Be Your Answer!"
© by A. "Mac" MacMillan, 2004.
All Rights Reserved. Printed with Permission

Anything in life worth doing, is worth doing the best you can. For me, writing, producing and performing music is something I do because it is in my soul to do it. It is an art that feeds my soul for a million different reasons; but that doesn’t mean, there aren’t "tough" moments I get to wade through from time to time or daily for that matter!

Learning why this resistance pops it's head up in my world and how to deal with it became essential to getting back up, brushing off the guck and continuing to move forward.

Your music career; whether you're a songwriter, producer or artist, won't go anywhere without YOU! You have to find the strength to allow those dreams to happen. You have to rise above the difficult moments (or days, weeks, months) and do what it takes because if you don't, no one else is going to do it for you.

Before I go a step further, I want you to notice two words in that last paragraph. The words are "have to". You "have to" find the strength... You "have to" rise above...

The fact is you don't have to – you "get to". This is what you do – this is what you love, even when it's tough.

Resistance (or conflict, struggle – whatever word fits for you) is necessary and here's why it may actually be a "GIFT" in your world. Understanding the following, simple, Universal Law will lift a ton of pressure off your mind and help you write the songs you dream of writing!

When you're working on that new song or that entire album project and it doesn't seem to be going smoothly – or – when you're working in a band with all kinds of crap coming up with band members – or – when you’re trying your best to get your musical aspirations off the ground and things just don't seem to be working out the way you had imagined, STOP, take a long deep breath, slow down and take a look at the whole situation through new eyes. Here's how...

There is a Universal Law that says, "when anything is initiated, there will be resistance".

This U.L. (universal law) is a constant. The actual name of this U.L. is, "The Four Forces" (detailed book coming to LifeForce website soon on this law).

How this law works and the fact that it exists, doesn't go away because you or I might not know about it. It's there for a reason and it's immutable; kind of like gravity.

Why does this law exist? To produce life of course! Without this law nothing would exist!

Here's a nutshell version of how The Four Forces works:

1. Plant a seed in the ground (initiation of an idea). That little seed gets water, the outer covering cracks open and it begins to come to life.

2. A little green shoot pops out and begins to wend it's way up through rocks, gravel, sand, mud, dirt and all manner of things that, you might think, are a whole lot tougher than that little green shoot is (this is the resistance)!

3. None the less, that little green tendril finds it's way to the sun, to get nourished and grow. The plant develops and matures.

4. The plant bears fruit or seed, or whatever it's purpose in life is (this is the final outcome).

That is the "Law of the Four Forces" at work....basically.

Does the plant complain about the rocks, gravel, mud and dirt it has to push up through to get to the sun? Nope. Why not? Because the plant has a basic awareness that this is what it must do. Simple.

You and I, on the other hand, have the ability to use logic and come up with a millions reasons why we don't like it when something happens that we have to push through. We misinterpret resistance and difficulty for something other than what it really is, and we give up. Too often, we pull back instead of doing what would make our goals successful – pushing on through to the other side.

Now, how does this apply to you?

Think of that seed, as your musical dream; i.e., a song, production, performance idea etc. Think of the rocks, gravel, sand, mud and dirt as the "resistance" your "little green tendril" is going to get to deal with to make it to the sun, develop and mature and bear fruit. You've got to get through the resistance to get where all the goodies are.

Now here's the real kick-in-the-pants! All the resistance that little plant gets to manage, makes it stronger! Makes it healthy! Makes it real in the world! Otherwise, it's just buried under the ground and no one knows it's even there.

Sickly little plants may make it by some chance, (perhaps the path is really easy), but they ultimately don't do well and die.

Healthy, robust plants, that get their fair share of resistance along the way, pop out of the ground and grow into vigorous flora and fauna to beautify and enrich our world and by the way....feed us!

What do you want your art to be? A sickly little plant, or a vigorous, life-enhancing musical meal for the ears of adoring fans?

As you can probably imagine, there's a whole lot more detail about the "Law of the Four Forces" that your music could benefit from knowing about, but this morsel can go a long way to helping you kick out the blues when you feel like your dealing with lots of resistance – it truly IS making you and your art stronger and healthier.

Now that you know there really is some truth to the struggle making you stronger, here's another secret key that will help you go beyond the limits you may have unknowingly set for yourself...

Do the one thing you're hoping everyone else is going to do when your music comes out – LISTEN! Listen to what the resistance is there to teach you.

Listening is an art all by itself, one that musicians may not appreciate quite as much as those who are on the receiving end of the artistic form we call music.

Listening to what resistance can teach you will make an enormous difference for you.

What do I mean by that? Well...

When you come up against what feels like a wall of resistance, don't get mad, don't get frustrated, don't give up. Stop. Listen. See it for what it is - a natural part of the process of initiating an idea.

Let's say you're working on a new song. The original idea came in a flash and was good enough to move you to try to write a whole song around it. The verse or chorus is awesome, but you crash and burn when you try to finish it. What do you do?

Start asking questions. The resistance is coming up to strengthen the idea, not destroy it.

Ask, ask, ask, ask....what is this feeling trying to say to me?

When you fight resistance, creativity comes to a stand still. Realize this is part of a natural process that causes things to grow and become stronger. As soon as you can overcome the impulse to fight resistance, things will open up again. There may be an idea trying to make it's way to you; something you haven't thought about yet, something that will make your work and your expression better than before.

What if the resistance your experiencing is coming through a person; a band-mate for instance. Step back, recognize resistance for what it is – a natural part of the process of initiating an idea – and ask questions. Does this situation have something to teach me? Is this person mirroring something I don't like about myself? Am I struggling with what I see in this person, but am blinded to within myself? (Heads Up: more often than not that last one is a big one.)

Realizing that resistance is your friend and not your enemy can really help you get past the tough days!

REMEMBER! When you're getting resistance, it means you've initiated an idea into the world. The fact resistance is coming up, tells you that the Universe is responding to your idea! It's on it's way to becoming REAL.

A. "Mac" MacMillan, is the world’s coolest Meta-Phusician. A professional musician, singer-songwriter, composer and producer. She is also an author, lecturer and licensed coach in Philosophical Sciences and Women’s Mysteries. Co-founder of LifeForce Project with partner and bassist, Jai Steward; Mac is co/author of the LifeForce RESOURCE Series E-books. Principle writer and performer with her own band "Two Eyed Violet", their music can be heard on the LifeForce site. To learn more about Universal Laws that can help you get a leg up in your own life, free your creative nature and live a more efficient, connected life on the planet, visit – it’s instrumental for your life!
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