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The Do's and Don'ts of Finding a Manager
2002 by Jennifer Yeko

I receive hundreds of demos each year of bands looking for representation. Here are some helpful tips on what to do (and what not to do) when looking for a manager:


  • Be professional - image is everything. Send out a professional looking package - type the address label and letter. Make your first impression count (I often will decide how quickly I listen to a package based on the package's presentation). If your package doesn't look professional, it's hard to get someone's attention to even listen to your music.
  • Put your strongest song first on the CD. And just send your best 3 songs. If you have a full album you can send it, but note the strongest 3 songs.
  • Record the best quality demo you can.
  • Follow up. Be persistent but not annoying. Call or email 2-4 weeks after sending your package to make sure it was received. With hundreds of packages, even the most diligent manager will probably take a while to get to you -- so a friendly reminder is fine but don't become a pest.
  • Always put your contact phone number, email address and your name on the CD itself - CDs often get separated from jewel cases.


  • Send a package blindly. Always email or call first to see what type of artists the management company represents. There is no point in sending a rock manager a package if you are a country artist. Some managers represent a diverse roster but usually we have some type of specialty - for example, I mainly represent alternative rock bands and singer/songwriters, yet I get a lot of hip hop CDs. Go figure.
  • Send a huge envelope full of press clippings, bios, photos, etc. A one page bio and maybe a photo are helpful -- but the music is what matters. Huge packages are just a waste of paper (and money!)
  • Waste money to send packages express mail or priority mail - a big envelope may get opened faster to get it off my desk and out of my office but in general, all submissions sent to me go in the same pile, so save your money and don't send packages express mail to managers.

At the end of the day, if you have good songs, you will find a manager. So, good luck!

Some good resources:

Yellow Pages of Rock
Billboard Musician's Guide to Touring & Promotion

Jennifer Yeko brings over ten years of business experience to True Talent Management. Her diverse background in entertainment, marketing, advertising, public relations and music includes work for Variety magazine, Maverick Records, EMI Music, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Spelling Television, Radio City Music Hall Productions, as well as several New York and Los Angeles based marketing and advertising agencies and music management firms.
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