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CD REVIEW: Kevin Higgins - Find Your Shine
By Don Sechelski - 04/27/2010 - 09:02 PM EDT

Americana, country

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GIGS & BEYOND - You got the gig now what?
By Cyrus Rhodes - 04/27/2010 - 12:56 PM EDT

Here are some simple tips to help you avoid those awful 'oh no' moments, especially if your band members are bad timekeepers, lousy with directions or have short term memories!

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CD REVIEW: The Honey V’s - In the Garden & Dancing
By Cyrus Rhodes - 04/27/2010 - 12:51 PM EDT

Acoustic Folk/Rock

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Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Trying To Become Professional Musicians
By Tom Hess - 04/26/2010 - 01:08 PM EDT

Learn about the top 10 mistakes musicians make when trying to build a music career. 

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Don Archer - a Blue Collar Tribute
By Mick Polich - 04/26/2010 - 10:27 AM EDT

Guitarist/teacher/mentor Don Archer passed away last Friday - Mick pays tribute.

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CD REVIEW: Bud Buckley - Sitting On The Wind
By Chris Propfe - 04/25/2010 - 03:35 PM EDT

Acoustic folk/blues/jazz

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CD REVIEW: Beth Schafer - Raise It Up Bring It Down
By Don Sechelski - 04/23/2010 - 07:51 PM EDT

Acoustic Rock, Singer-Songwriter

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3 Tips For Music Production
By Khaliq Glover - 04/21/2010 - 06:33 PM EDT

How to get the most out of your music recording, songwriting, and mixing. Short tips for the music producer who feels stuck creatively.

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Designing an Artist Life Plan
By Randy Young - 04/20/2010 - 03:16 PM EDT

Most artists I meet remind me of this scene in Alice in Wonderland. They have no clear idea of who they are or where they are going. They bounce around from idea to idea, wasting time, money, and energy without any real or measurable progress. So the question is, how can you succeed as an artist?

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CD REVIEW: Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors -Jhoom (The Intoxication of Surrender)
By Cyrus Rhodes - 04/16/2010 - 05:00 PM EDT

Jazz-Fusion, Ambient, Chill Out

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CD REVIEW: Queen Esther - What Is Love?
By Don Sechelski - 04/14/2010 - 07:43 PM EDT


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Another Word On Record Shops - Blue Collar!
By Mick Polich - 04/12/2010 - 03:09 PM EDT

April 17th,2010, is National Record Store Day - Mick takes another look at record shops - why we need them beyond the brick-and mortar purchase shop or music.

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GIGS & BEYOND - Pre-Booking Advice
By Cyrus Rhodes - 04/12/2010 - 01:58 PM EDT

Here are just a few hints and reminders for anyone aiming to get their own gigs by telephone or “cold calling.” For most newer bands don't forget you have to start somewhere - so this article mostly applies to you.

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CD Review: Pruitt Igoe - Pruitt Igoe
By JJ Biener - 04/08/2010 - 09:48 PM EDT

Ambient, Free Jazz, Experimental

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OK maybe it's time we hired a Band Manager
By Cyrus Rhodes - 04/07/2010 - 12:45 PM EDT

Any band or artist that's either paid their dues, or spent time on the Front Lines knows how much work is involved in becoming a paid professional.  The more serious you are about it, the more you need an effective band manager.

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CD REVIEW: Steve Palmer Band - Apparition
By Cyrus Rhodes - 04/07/2010 - 12:37 PM EDT

Americana rock

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PAY TO PLAY - The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
By Cyrus Rhodes - 04/02/2010 - 05:27 PM EDT

Is this something to consider or something to avoid?  Read on to understand that pros and cons.

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