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Issue 7.5 - August 2004
ISSN 1480-6975

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I n   T h i s   I s s u e :

@-- Editor's Musings
@-- Music Reviews - by Steve Allat & Stacey Board
@-- New Artist Spotlight Additions
@-- Songwriting Book Review - by James Linderman
@-- Musical Notes - Songwriting Contests & Market Info.
@-- Muse's Clues - Songwriting Web sites that inspire - brought
    to you by singer/songwriter & teacher, Irene Jackson.
@-- Featured Article - Formulas for Songwriting 
    - by Colonel Robert Morris
@-- On Site Featured Article - An article already online for your
    viewing pleasure.
@-- Classifieds & Useful Services
@-- Contact information
ISSN 1480-6975. Copyright 1998/99/00/01/02/03 - Jodi Krangle. 
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E d i t o r ' s   M u s i n g s :

Hello again for another month.  I hope you're all having a
fantastic summer!  

This issue of the newsletter features a new article, another book
review, more Artist Spotlights, more CD Reviews, a great website
review and lots of listings of the current contests and market
opportunities as well.

The raffle winners this month are:

* Lynn Julian from Augusta, ME, who has won a copy of the
"Musician's Toolkit" 
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* Angel Willemsma from the Netherlands has won a copy of VSS's
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time) get back to me.  Maybe people don't believe they've
actually been singled out for a prize?  I just don't know.  But
you know what?  If you want a raffle prize - if one of the ones
I've given out in the past particularly appeals, please do email
me and let me know.  Maybe then I'll actually be able to announce
these winners on time. :)  I realize that I may be overwhelmed
with requests - and you all will have to realize that I may not
be able to give everyone what they want - but I'll certainly try!

Wishing you all a very productive and creative summer, 


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M u s i c   R e v i e w s :  by Steve Allat & Stacey Board


Reviews by Stacey Board:

* Sienna
* Just Thomas
* Helmut Lotti
* A Girl Named Jaen
* Karen Fay
* Kerry Polk
* Jane
* Mark Brine
* Kellie Lynne
* Ruth Hammond

Reviews by Steve Allat:

* David Boyles


For bios on each of the reviewers, see . If you're considering
sending in your own CD for review, you can also view that page to
find out which reviewer reviews your genre. Thanks!

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N e w   A r t i s t   S p o t l i g h t   A d d i t i o n s :  

Great music is only a click away!  
Here is the latest addition to the Artist Spotlight section of
The Muse's Muse at 


With a distinctive voice, unique flow, unmatched ability to pen
concepts and lace them with infectious hooks, the skill to
lyrically convey messages and second to none creativity -
irrespective of gender, never has the rap game seen an MC this
complete. NY/NJ based hip-hop artist SHEE consistently creates
material in tune with the demands of the street while avoiding
material derivative of what's already out there.

Beaver Street & Beyond is Apell's "eclectic and brilliant" -
( album of innovative & diverse downtempo
electronic music. Musically similar to Groove Armada & Unkle,
Apell has been acclaimed as "a tour de force with a creative mind
who lives in a world of his own" – (RECORDING Magazine US) .

Basement 3's music is agro-jazzy urban folk-core, an eclectic yet
accessible fusion of styles that harmoniously simmer together in
a tantalizing musical stew. Although its origins are steeped in a
complex and dark layering of textures, the 3rd B3 CD,
'Fuzzyland', tips its hat to neo-folk and singer/songwriter
influences while still maintaining a taste of its world
music-meets-industrial beginnings.

With a voice that's been compared to 'golden pipes' Shannon Chase
breathes new life into today's pop music. Combining her interests
in adult contemporary, Top 40, and rock this debut album appeals
to a large number of people with its catchy hooks and haunting
Are you interested in an Artist Spotlight on The Muse's Muse?
Check out for more

S o n g w r i t i n g   B o o k   R e v i e w : by James Linderman

The Contemporary Singer, Elements of Vocal Technique 
by Anne Peckham
If you only knew three things about me, one of them would be that
I'm not much of a singer. The other two would be that I spend an
awful lot of time with singers and that this time has caused me
to need hours of therapy to deal with my jealousy.

It's not that I sing like William Hung, but the singers I work
with are so brilliant it's hard to call my slightly too nasal
infused, 7 note range, as great singing. I can sing in time and
in key but that's about it.

The problem with this is that I like to sing and singing is also
somewhat essential to writing complete songs and being able to
finish a good demo on my own.

So...I was happy to get the chance to check out Anne Peckham's
book, The Contemporary Singer, with an open mind to my chances of
improving and a couple of weeks off to work on it.

So who is Anne Peckham? 

Anne has worked as an Associate Professor of Voice at Berklee
College since 1987, directs Berklee's Concert Choir, and is the
co-founder of the Berklee Musical Theater Workshop. She is also
on the executive board of the Boston Chapter of the National
Association of Teachers of Singing.

Her book, The Contemporary Singer, is based on the curriculum of
the Voice Department at Berklee so it is formatted like a
textbook but is a bit more casual than most academic method
books.  It features a CD to practice along with and materials
that will not turn you into an opera singer fronting a rock band. 

Chapter 1 explains the physiology of singing...such as how your
body uses your lungs, vocal chords and mouth to produce music and
how you can understand how to control your instrument.

The remaining chapters in Part 1 teach and promote proper
posture, breathing, diction, microphone technique, and even have
a section on the proper way to belt out a chorus without having
serious throat problems for 2 weeks after a show.

Part 2 deals with the elements of practicing, maintaining your
health, and the well being of your voice, dynamics and all
aspects of performing. 

There is an appendix on auditioning which is a must read for
anyone trying out for anything as basic as singing in a garage
band to auditioning for the lead in a Broadway musical.

In the back section of the book, there are also a couple of
practice songs, an excellent glossary of terms, and a listing of
some helpful resources.

I tried out the accompanying warm up and practice CD and found
that in a couple of weeks I had added another 2 whole tones to my
range.  Though I'm still no Josh Grobin, my tone had improved
noticeably. I also found that I no longer got a predictably sore
throat the next day!

The Contemporary Singer, Elements of Vocal Technique by Anne
Peckham is available through Berklee Press at under the heading "instruments", subheading

James Linderman lives and works at theharmonyhouse, a music lesson,
songwriting and music pre-production facility in Newmarket,
Ontario, Canada. He is the Songwriters Association of Canada
regional coordinator for Newmarket and leads a music workshop
program for Life 100.3 Christian radio. James writes songwriting
articles for The Muse's News web magazine, Canadian Musician
Magazine and Professional Musician Magazine.

Contact James at:

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You wanted to become a musician/songwriter and earn a living from
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M u s i c a l   N o t e s : Songwriting Contests & Market Info.

In the interest of conserving space, I will only be including
changes to this listing in this newsletter.  All other contests
and market information that have already been listed here, are
displayed at & . Please check there
regularly for updates!
Each year, the Flat Rock Music Festival Governing Board selects
10 songwriter finalists to showcase at the Festival where they
are judged by a panel of industry pros, and awarded prizes,
critical acclaim and a chance to perform their winning song on
the Festival main stage! 

Entry deadline is September 3, 2004. 
More information can be found at

Offering cash, prizes and real opportunities to new and
developing songwriters around the world. Selected winners will
appear on a special limited edition CD and one Grand Prize winner
will win a trip to write new songs with established professional

Enter by MP3, CD or Cassette! Entry deadline is November 30, 2004
Enter by September 1, 2004 for earlybird discounts! 
Visit for more details.
The Philadelphia Songwriters Project is a non-profit arts and
education organization with a mission to serve local and regional
songwriters through our performance venues, workshops and master
classes & career advancement opportunities. This contest was
created in conjunction with our voter awareness initiative in
mind. We're looking for a hooky song that will relate in its
content metaphorically or specifically to voting and our freedom
to choose. 

Prize package includes studio time, CD replication package, a
showcase slot and media airplay. 
Please Visit for submission
guidelines and details. 
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creative artist. As a successful songwriter, (Barbra Streisand,
Faith Hill, Jessica Simpson, Luther Vandross, to name a few) Ms.
Malamet's expertise is profound. While songwriters work on
technical issues of their craft, this workshop is a unique
opportunity to understand and improve on the self-imposed
restrictions we often use to hold ourselves back. The class
concludes in a supportive performance in front of an audience. 
Ongoing classes for 2004/2005. Private mentoring available. Los
Angeles area - 323.850.8059 
Ellen Silverstein Violette, Grammy-nominated Songwriter & CEO of
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M u s e ' s    C l u e s :  by Irene Jackson

©1998-2004 Moonstone Productions All Rights Reserved. Used By

Jon Ims, to those of you who don't know, is a veteran Music Row
songwriter from Nashville who penned "She's In Love With The
Boy", a Trisha Yearwood hit, and Reba McEntire's "Fallin' Out Of
Love" among many others.  This month's Muse's Clues is a very
insightful interview with Ims, who has a lot to say about the
craft and what he calls the "soul" of songwriting. 

The interview is part of the Baltimore Songwriters Association
website, which also features interviews with Katie Curtis,
Richard Thompson and Patty Larkin, among others.  The Jon Ims
interview can be found here:

...and the list of other interviews can be found at: clicking on the "Interviews" link.

Ims discusses not only the craft, but also his approach to the
"angle" of songwriting.  For instance, 90% of songs are about
relationships, so what hasn't been written before?  The answer is
nothing.  However, writing with a new angle on this universal
theme can bring about all kinds of different perspectives.  In
fact much of what you may already have learned as a songwriter,
Ims reinforces, such as the idea that truth in your songwriting
can be either a personal one or a universal one.  If you are a
performing songwriter, then your truth and your experience is
what counts and what works.  If, on the other hand, your writing
is aimed at a mass audience then your focus is going to be
somewhat different. 

Ims also discusses his experiences at the songwriters' Mecca, the
Kerrville Folk Festival, where he has been a performer and
participant for more than 20 years.  He ends with some
fascinating tips for the developing songwriter, including some
successful songwriters you should study, and what he feels you
should pay attention to in the craft department.  One of the best
lines in the interview is "The people that move along, are the
students."  In other words, don't ever stop being a student!

Irene Jackson is a performing songwriter from Victoria, BC in
Canada. Aside from writing, recording and performing, she also
maintains a website for songwriters that includes tips, articles
and more links of interest.  Her eagerly anticipated CD "Catnip" is
finally here, and her earlier recordings have had attention
everywhere from Japan to South America.

Songwriting Tips:
Songs on MP3:
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F e a t u r e d   A r t i c l e : 

Formulas for Songwriting - by Colonel Robert Morris © 2004
Editor's Note: Whether or not you believe in songwriting
"formulas", the ideas expressed in this article are ideas we all
can make use of.  I think you'll enjoy reading it.  I know I did.
Thanks, Colonel!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our job is to
transpose a thousand words into a picture. We do this by offering
snapshots of life, through the poet's inner camera...their very

We offer the listener a chance to follow the story as it unfolds,
(from a safe distance of course) or they can become a part of the
picture as if they were really there. For those, we offer no
guarantee against becoming emotionally involved.  

We have the power to send a person back in time, to present
another side of the story, or perhaps provide a ride into the
distance future to see how things might have been.

There are far too many formulas for songwriting to fit into one
article, so I'll humbly share some of mine.

I've written a large share of songs off of the hook. The hook is
a word or line (sometimes the title) that will stick out in the
listener's mind. (A lot of writers use the title as the hook so
that others can remember what to ask for when buying a copy of
the song.)  Writing off the hook is also a great way of staying
focused on the story line  Another way is to place your character
in a situation then let nature take its course. This formula
offers more opportunity to the writer.  A third way is to follow
these three steps, prefix, suffix, and main thought. What it was
like, what happened, and what it's like now!  Remember: a story
is only necessary when there is change so detail that change and
the motivation behind it.

You have to believe in yourself, your gift, and your talent.
Always hang out with the winners. The best writers will tell you
that no matter how talented you are, it is the gift that makes
the difference. When people look at you strangely and ask, "Did
you really write that?" it's the gift. (Like there's some secret
place where all of the great but dead songwriters have gone and
only they can write hit songs.) That gift is the little voice
inside your head giving you just the right words when you need
them. That talent is the learned and practiced ability to take
those words and place them oh so gently into the right line or
verse.  If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck... Watch
the winners. When you act as if you're a winner, you'll find
those traits rubbing off onto you and soon you'll be a winner
too. And before you know it, others will be trying to follow your

You will meet many people along the way. Very few of them will
have your best interest at heart. Some of them are down right
after your money. And they will lie, cheat and say just about
anything to get ahold of your hard earned dough. For example, "I
can take your song to the top," for only the amount of money
needed to make a demo. If it seems too good to be true...Well?
When approached by this person, ask him or her, would they be
willing to "take it to the top" if you had a pitch ready demo of
your own? Or if you choose to have the demo done by someone else?
Remember, it's all about money - yours. That doesn't mean that
you don't need a demo. Just be careful. A demo session can go
through your money quicker than a bad tax lawyer. Any lawyer for
that matter. So know what kind of bucks you can afford to spend
on your song and what you expect out of your investment. Some
studios do what I call "bull pen sessions." They put together a
group of pickers and players, and record about five to ten songs
at a time. The problem is that they all sound alike. I prefer to
be there and have control. But I have over thirty years of
experience playing and recording. You may not. If you choose to
use guitar or piano and vocal or, if you want to have a blown out
session, once again, remember - it's your money. If you are not
happy with the finished product, say so. I have heard so many
times, "The next time...", or "If I had it to do all over again".
Why not do it the way you want it, now?! You may think (or be
convinced) that the folks in the studio you're recording at are
experts in the music business and would know what will sell. But
do they know your music?  You are the only one who knows what's
inside of you. If the public is going to buy your CD's, it's
because of you. Not because of them!!! If they don't buy at
first, at least you know where the changes lie. So, make it

You have what has to be the greatest song ever written. You spend
all of your vacation money on the best studio mix. (You can go to
the casinos any time, can't you?) Next, you call ahead to the
record company for the critic code. Then fold the lyric sheet
into a pre approved design, attach tape "a" to lyric sheet "b"
held together by a single rubber band marked exhibit "c". Offer a
silent prayer to the demo god, send it to the secret p.o. box
no., then wait for that first royalty check. And wait, and wait.
What do they know anyway? Well to tell you the truth, sometimes
not a lot. We've all heard that song on the radio that was really
bad and asked ourselves, "Why won't they play mine?" Part of it
is just the curse of the business.  Also there are politics
involved.  We can cover that in another article.

In conclusion, I hope that this article has been helpful to you.
It is my goal to pass on just a few words of advice that I have
learned the hard way. You may go as deep into it as I have, or it
may just be a hobby for you. This article does not cover
everything there is to know about the music business or
songwriting. It is intended to offer a few tips and a few laughs.

As you travel down the path to stardom, and success, I hope I get
to meet you along the way. Maybe we can co-write, sing a duet, or
just hang out and jam. 

Where am I you ask? I am at every open mike night you go to, I am
at the coffee shop at two in the morning when you can't sleep.
I'm the guy standing in line in front of you (or maybe behind)
waiting to pitch another tune. You see, I am just like you! When
I finish this article, I am going right back to work on another
song. So don't ever feel that the person next to you has a
greater right to be here than you. It's just not true! We are all
in this together.

So write that hit, record that next number one song, and I'll be
there in the front row, proud that you have opened a piece of
your soul to me and that you might have carried a small piece of
mine away with you!

Meet you at the grammys!

Colonel Robert Morris ( is a
renowned songwriter, lyricist, singer, musician, author, and
teacher.  He has been inducted into both the Rockabilly Hall Of
Fame ( and the
Traditional Country Hall Of Fame
(  Colonel Robert
Morris is also the writer and artist on the national known truck
driving song, "Trucker's Last Ride"
(  He is
proud to endorse "Glen Morgan Guitars", and their staff of
professionals (

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    " O N   S I T E "   F E A T U R E D   A R T I C L E :

Building the Perfect Beast: Form Follows Function - Pat Pattison

Brought to you by Author/Teacher/Songwriter, Pat Pattison, this
enlightening article explains why it's a good idea to have your
rhyming and rhythm scheme follow your song's subject - and gives
you tips on how to do it too!
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About Muse's Muse
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