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Issue 6.3 - June 2003
ISSN 1480-6975

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@-- Editor's Musings
@-- Copyright & Publishing Q&A with Nancy A. Reece from Carpe Diem
    Copyright Management
@-- Music Reviews - by Ben Ohmart and Stacey Board
@-- Songwriting Book Review - by James Linderman
@-- Musical Notes - Songwriting Contests & Market Info.
@-- Muse's Clues - Songwriting Web sites that inspire - brought
    to you by singer/songwriter & teacher, Irene Jackson.
@-- Featured Article - THE EMERGENCE OF VERSES - by Mary Dawson
@-- essage Forums In Spotlight - Here are some of the great 
    conversations going on right now.
@-- On Site Featured Article - An article (interview this month,
    actually!) already online for your viewing pleasure.
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ISSN 1480-6975.  Copyright 1998 - 2002, Jodi Krangle.  For more 
contact information, see end of issue. ================================================================= WANT A PIECE OF THE MUSE'S MUSE? :) Visit for great Muse's Muse products like mugs, mousepads, shirts, and even wall clocks! Start your own store too - with no up front costs! See for more details. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S p o n s o r M e s s a g e : (Please support the sponsors that support this newsletter! Thanks!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DEADLINE LOOMS for the 2003 USA SONGWRITING COMPETITION Last Chance To Enter This Year! Enter 2003 USA Songwriting Competition now! Winning songs receive radio airplay! Win Grand prize of US$50,000 of cash, music gear and more! Judges include A&R from SONY Music, Warner, Universal, EMI and more. Mega hit songwriter - Carole Bayer Sager will also judge your songs. Past winners include Sarah Lewis (of rock group - Jag Star), Barbara Kessler, Steve Tannen, Jonathan Kingham, Jennifer Marks, Darryl Zero, Adrianne, Joel Cage, Stefani Bennett, Lisa McCormick, Valerie DelaCruz, Jan Andersen and more. All entries must be postmarked by May 30, 2003 or earlier. Time is running out! Don't miss this LAST CHANCE to enter this year, HURRY TO: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ E d i t o r ' s M u s i n g s : ----------------------------------------------------------------- Well, hopefully your spring is going really well. I have to say that Toronto has been pretty hard hit by all the latest scares and it's *really* unfortunate because this is a beautiful city. If any of you are planning on taking a trip out here during the summer, let me know, hmm? Maybe we can meet for coffee somewhere. :) The raffle winners for this month are Tommy Johnson from Blackwood, NJ, who has won a copy of "Chord Progressions for Songwriters" by Richard Scott (reviewed below), Neal Klassen from Kelowna, BC who has won a copy of's "Musician's Toolkit" (for details on this package of useful indie musician-related tools, see ), and Wendy Collins from St. Paul, MN, who has won a copy of VSS's helpful songwriting organization product (for a review of Lyricist & information on a discount offered, see ). Keep writing and keep well, --Jodi Back to Menu ================================================================= S p o n s o r M e s s a g e : (Please support the sponsors that support this newsletter! Thanks!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TAKE ONLINE SONGWRITING CLASSES AT BERKLEEMUSIC.COM Songwriters: sharpen your craft with, the online extension school of Berklee College of Music. Whether you're a relative beginner or an experienced writer, our online courses will help you generate more and better ideas, master the elements of style and structure, and express yourself more effectively in words and music. Learn how to build great lyrical ideas into great songs. Discover tips and techniques the most successful writers use in their music. Master powerful programs like Finale and ProTools to notate your songs and make great-sounding demos. These are just a few of the skills you can develop this spring in our online school. Study anytime, anywhere with Berklee's award-winning faculty. Work with other serious writing students in a rich learning environment. The next semester begins on June 16th! Visit to enroll: ================================================================= C o p y r i g h t & P u b l i s h i n g Q & A : With Licensing executive Nancy A. Reece ----------------------------------------------------------------- TOPIC: DERIVATIVE WORKS AND PUBLIC DOMAIN QUESTION: I have a question for you. I have already read through roughly 15 of the Q&A articles on the Muse's Muse web site. They were very informative. Thanks! In the article at you mention "You can not release a derivative of the work without the permission of the original copyright holder. You must send a copy of the work to the publisher of the original work and request their permission." However, I thought works from classical composers such as J.S. Bach were part of the public domain? I'd like to use a partial bass line from one of his pieces and expand it; out of 16 notes in my bass line, 9 notes are his. Am I too concerned? -- Thanks, Craig. ANSWER: There are several public domain works that are rearranged into brand new copyrights every year. For example the song Danny Boy, traditional, is in PD however there are over 4 pages of arrangements of Danny Boy listed at the BMI website. There are specific rules regarding sampling another copyrighted work but as far as sampling a PD work? - it's all yours to make new again. Check out this website as a good source: . --------- TOPIC: COLLABORATION QUESTION: I wrote a song for a group and know that they want to record it. My question is, how do I give them the beat and still maintain rights over the music so they don't use it without my permission? Should I get the copyrights first or should I trust the group at their word? ANSWER: I encourage you to read more about how copyrights exist as soon as they are written down. If you are wanting to collaborate with this band and maintain a co-writer relationship, talk about it all in advance and get an agreement in writing with each other that all the songs will be split a particular way. If you have written the song in its entirety then you must issue a license for them to record your original work. I encourage you to speak to a competent entertainment lawyer to assist with any of this paper work. -- READERS - There is an entire chapter on Collaboration in the upcoming book "REAL ANSWERS to REAL QUESTIONS a songwriter - publisher forum" - Please write if you are interested in hearing from me when the book is ready. ***** ABOUT NANCY A. REECE: Since 1998, Nancy Reece has been providing a question and answer forum for Muse's Muse readers. Now all of the articles, forums and Q&A's are being compiled into a book. Nancy is wanting to be sure that you have the opportunity to receive a copy of the book as soon as it is ready. If you are interested in getting an E-mail notification to indicate that the book is ready for purchase, please send your request to . How to Ask a Question: If you have a question for Nancy about publishing or copyright administration, you can e-mail her at Please indicate in the subject of your e-mail that your submission is for The Muse's Muse guest forum, Real Answers to Real Questions. Thanks! Back to Menu ================================================================= M u s i c R e v i e w s : by Ben Ohmart and Stacey Board ----------------------------------------------------------------- Mare Lennon "Warhol Highway" (by Stacey Board) Excellent songwriting to me means thoughtful lyrics, intriguing melodies played with heart and strong technique. It's a fine balance of art and science and trust me, I know that it is a slippery, subjective thing. But may I please point to Mare Lennon's excellent "Warhol Highway" as an example we will all likely agree upon? The evidence: Her silky voice and production of the CD are simply gorgeous. And I mean simple... as in subtle and appropriate. Just right. Gorgeous, as in beautiful, lush and rich. One of my favorites is "Revolving Door," one of the more muscular songs on the CD. It's got a great groove melodically and rhythmically and a slightly darker intensity that works really well with the subject matter. "Through this glass we dance and circle/Around a love that's half alive/Just like eagles tend to circle/In a speculating sky" sung while backup voices swirl around like the imagery being suggested. But they are all strong songs and performances. Her slower tempo ballads ache with the grace of her words and voice. Lennon and Ed Tree share production credits and the results are stellar. There are many subtle touches that keep your ear focused and intrigued while they expand the overall richness of the song. She's got top-notch players backing her up all over every song on the CD also. There's just nothing to not like here. Great songwriting, great performances, great production touches and quality. If you don't fall in love with this CD, check your pulse to make sure it's still there. ------------------ OTHER NEW MUSIC REVIEWS SINCE LAST MONTH INCLUDE: John Balint (by Ben Ohmart) Ran Birkins (by Stacey Board) Shane Simpson (by Stacey Board) Sam Hensley (by Stacey Board) Andy & Denise (by Stacey Board) --------------- ****** For bios on each of the reviewers, see . If you're considering sending in your own CD for review, you can also view that page to find out which reviewer reviews your genre. Thanks! Back to Menu ================================================================= S o n g w r i t i n g B o o k R e v i e w : by James Linderman Chord Progressions for Songwriters - by Richard Scott ----------------------------------------------------------------- As a full time guitar teacher, I serve 5 basic musical needs to students based on missing elements in their skill base. They come to my door saying... 1. I can't read music and I just discovered that it comes in handy... 2. I can't strum my way out of a wet paper bag... 3. I wish I could solo like Jimi Hendrix, or Jimmy Page or Jeff Beck or anybody else who's first name starts with J and is awesome... 4. Man, I wish I knew more than 3 chords... 5. I understand how chords progress about as much as I understand cold fusion... Focusing on the last 2 of these concerns, there are lots of great chord "dictionary style" books (my personal favourite is Mel Bay's Complete Book of Guitar Chords, Scales, and Arpeggios). There just are not many good books on how to use these chords once you've found them, and fewer still that you do not have to be the musical equivalent of a rocket scientist to understand. Richard Scott has written Chord Progressions for Songwriters for those of us who are not harmony's answer to Jimmy Neutron, and I will walk you through the book a bit (like I usually do) to help you determine if it's a book you would like to see in your book shelf sometime soon. First of all, it's as piano-friendly as it is good for the guitar and off the top of my head I can think of a couple of bass players who could make good use of it as well. The first thing you will notice about this book is that the author gets right into his topic, (even the introduction has topic content), but it's very well paced and methodical. In the first chapter Scott makes the connection between ascending chord progressions and songs with uplifting lyric messages and then convinces us of the worth of this method with several examples from current hit songs, and from timeless classics. Every chapter is uniformly proportioned with: explanations, brief but thorough; examples, very plentiful and relevant; and no conclusions, appropriately absent because in applied theory the conclusions are "do it yourself". That is, your application of the theory, by creating a new song with it, is the conclusion. Some chapter titles are; Basic Progressions, Blues Progressions (a big chapter), Classic Rock, Coltrane Changes (Jazzy stuff), Descending Bass Lines, Endings, Folk Progressions, Pedal Point, and Turnarounds (very handy). As with many books, there's some great stuff in the appendix. Here you will find the charts. A chord glossary, a chord substitution chart, a modulation chart, a short 101 on transposing and more cool resources. Richard Scott certainly did his homework before writing this book, his second publication on the topic. Each chapter stands alone as a lesson unto itself but there is also a very logical flow to the book as a whole. It's fun to flip through and really, really illuminating when you actually try the examples. Chord progressions for Songwriters does not attempt to be an academic discourse on how chords could progress theoretically but it certainly is the best resource I've ever seen for providing the most recognizable and usable examples on how chords should progress based on real practical use. You can find a copy of Richard Scott's Chord Progressions for Songwriters at ****** ABOUT THE REVIEWER: James Linderman lives and works at theharmonyhouse, a music lesson, songwriting and music pre-production facility in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. He is the Songwriters Association of Canada regional coordinator for Newmarket and leads a music workshop program for Life 100.3 Christian radio. James writes songwriting articles for The Muse's News web magazine, Canadian Musician Magazine and Professional Musician Magazine. Contact James at: Back to Menu ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S p o n s o r M e s s a g e : (Please support the sponsors that support this newsletter! Thanks!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LYRICIST! VERSION 2.2 HAS ARRIVED-INCLUDES ON-LINE COPYRIGHT LINK Virtual Studio Systems, Inc. is proud to announce Lyricist V2.2 - The Songwriter's Best Friend: the first-of-its-kind word processor designed for musicians, songwriters, and poets. The software includes a rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, album categorization, chord charting, chord generator, song arrangement, On-Line Copyright Link, and much much more - all in a user-friendly package. Check out the review at Muse's Muse visitors can take home the product for $5.00 off the regular selling price just for purchasing through the form provided off of the review + Free Priority Shipping in the USA if you order in April or May. For more information, visit the review url above or call us at 888.732.1176 inside the U.S.A. and Canada or 603.726-4499 outside the U.S.A. ================================================================= M u s i c a l N o t e s : Songwriting Contests & Market Info. In the interest of conserving space, I will only be including changes to this listing in this newsletter. All other contests and market information that have already been listed here, are displayed at & . Please check there regularly for updates! ----------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMER 2003 CALL TO ARTS! EXPO SONG CONTEST & AWARDS A very popular and highly visionary juried song contest that involves songwriters and musical performers with compelling and imaginative works, many that demonstrate a fresh creative vision for the arts, humanity and culture. Songs juried on content and message, rather than genre. Themed categories include: a) Aesthetics and Harmony; b) Freedom, Adventure and Imagination; c) Character and Integrity; d) Creative Vision and Social Improvement. Simple contest guidelines at NEW Summer 2003 Call to Arts! Expo web site: Summer 2003 Call to Arts! Southern California Expo, Conference and Festival takes place on August 16th from 9 am to 8 pm. Find details at: ----------------------------------------------------------------- TONOS HITMAKER BYRON GALLIMORE LOOKING FOR SONGS FOR TIM MCGRAW! Tonos hosts many songwriting contests and Industry Opportunities specifically for songwriters every month. The newest contests include: * A Major label is looking for songs for its new R&B artist. - The A&R manager is looking for urban upbeat songs for this 22 year old female who has a degree in music and a very adult sound. She also plays the piano, but the songs do not necessarily have to be piano driven. They are looking for songs similar to songs that Patti LaBelle would perform, strong songs that tell a great story for a very strong vocalist. So, if you have some upbeat songs that tell a story, submit now! * Rock Bands & Singer-Songwriters Wanted By L.A. Production Company! - A Grammy-winning engineer/mixer, whose credits include Carlos Santana, Guns N' Roses and Adam Cohen, is seeking new bands and/or artists (a la Beth Orton and Jeff Buckley) for production deals. He is only interested in artists and bands with strong songs, a great work ethic and a strong self-identity. So submit your best performance now! * Major Recording Studio Guarantees Session For TONOS Member! - A premier recording studio in the heart of Hollywood has exclusively GUARANTEED one tonosPRO act the chance to record at this legendary facility. This studio has an illustrious history with a resume that reads like a who's who of music history, including sessions with The Beatles, David Bowie, The Cult, Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses, Limp Bizkit, Bruce Springsteen, Christine Aguilera and Marilyn Manson. The chosen Tonos member will have at least two songs produced, recorded and mixed by award-winning producer/engineers who collectively have over 300 gold and platinum records to their names. Yours could be next! See for details on these opportunities and more! ----------------------------------------------------------------- BERKLEEMUSIC.COM WEBSITE LAUNCHED After nearly two years in development, Berklee College of Music has launched its web site. This ambitious new offering provides songwriters opportunities to take online music writing courses and explore new music career directions. Users can create a personal or band web page containing bios, MP3s, images, reviews, news, and links that are useful resources to potential employers, collaborators, and students. For more information visit: ----------------------------------------------------------------- ANNOUNCING THE GRAND OPENING OF CANADA'S ANR LOUNGE This innovative online service has been created to help recording artists maximize promotion of their new CDs to radio at no charge. It will be the first of its kind in the world. Canadian recording artists and their representatives will be able to create a virtual promotional kit for their new CD release which will include bios, sound clips and images. Once uploaded and accepted, the ANR Lounge will automatically post the new release in the Lounge, to be accessed by influential radio programmers from coast to coast to coast. The Lounge is open for business. To register, click on the ANR Lounge logo found at . ----------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMER INTENSIVE SONGWRITING CAMP IN VA Paul Reisler announces his 2nd annual Summer Intensive Songwriting Camp in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of VA. The six-day camp will include classes in melody, rhythm, dramatic structure, harmonic structure/chord changes, music theory, creativity, lyric mastery, poetic technique, creative response, open tunings, songwriting with kids, performance, and more. Registration limited to 25 students to allow personalized, in-depth instruction and the development of a community of songwriters. Instructors: Paul Reisler and Julie Portman with special guest, Tom Paxton Location: Blue Ridge School, Charlottesville VA ( Dates: June 23-28, 2003 Cost: $475 ($450 by June 1) plus $215 for lodging/meals To register: $100 deposit to PO Box 203, Washington VA 22747 or call 1-800-258-8709 For more information, email ----------------------------------------------------------------- GREAT ARTICLES TO CHECK OUT COURTESY OF GALARIS INDEPENDENT MUSIC: * Income and Expenses for Developing Your Career * The True Teacher * Nurture Your Fans Visit and Sign up for the Galaris Independent Musicians Newsletter. Twice monthly you will receive FREE, direct to your email box, articles containing: Promotion tips, Career advice, Recording tips, Practicing tips, Legal advice, Musician's health, Radio promotion, Songwriters tips and much more. Back to Menu ================================================================= M u s e ' s C l u e s : by Irene Jackson 1998-2003 Moonstone Productions All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission ----------------------------------------------------------------- Bob Shannon, a radio DJ at New York's oldies station WCBS-FM, wrote an interesting book in 1986 called "Behind The Hits", presenting some of the "stories behind some of pop music's biggest hits". To promote the book, he has created a website where you can peruse some of the stories behind older songs such as Elvis Presley's "All Shook Up", the Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" and one of the most fascinating stories, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". It's at Hit the "Stories" link and read up on some of the stories, some including quotes from the songwriters, how the song was recorded or produced, and the path each one took to #1 on the charts. Good Vibrations took Brian Wilson six months and 90 hours of studio tape to record! This song also introduced an instrument called the "theremin", that strange-sounding "ooo-weee-ooo-ooo-ooo" that was a signature sound of the song, which I've actually had the pleasure of trying to play. Believe me, it isn't easy! The history behind "The Lions Sleeps Tonight", as I said, is a fascinating one. Rian Malan, a South African author, did an even more in-depth study of the song that was featured in Rolling Stone in May 2000, which you can actually read online at: The songs you'll read about are all older hits, but it's fascinating to read the process of how they got as far as they did, often under unusual circumstances. And as a bonus on the website, there are links to just about every band and artist from the 40's and 50's to the 70's and 80's...a great collection of links! ****** Irene Jackson is a performing songwriter from Victoria, BC in Canada. Aside from writing, recording and performing, she also maintains a website for songwriters that includes tips, articles and more links of interest. Her eagerly anticipated CD "Catnip" is finally here, and her earlier recordings have had attention everywhere from Japan to South America. Songwriting Tips: Homepage: Songs on MP3: Back to Menu ================================================================= F e a t u r e d A r t i c l e : THE EMERGENCE OF VERSES - by Mary Dawson Mary Dawson, 2003 All Rights Reserved. Printed with Permission. Effective verses immediately engage the listener's mind and clearly "arrive" or "pay off" in the chorus. Join Mary as she explores some ideas for creating verses that will spotlight and set up your Great Hook. ----------------------------------------------------------------- If you have been following the last six or seven articles here in Mary's Musings, you know that we have been tracing the creation of a song from its most basic elements, the Great Idea and the Hook, through several stages of lyric and melody development. Our lyrical cadence has become the beginnings of a chorus melody and we are well on the way to finishing our next blockbuster hit! Since most commercial songs today are written in the verse-chorus song form, we will focus in this article on some ways to set up that crucial Hook by strategic creation of the verses. As we learned, the Great Idea and the Hook are the destination of the song. The verses, then, must set up the Hook so that when it appears in the chorus, it is the inevitable conclusion to the information in the verses. The Hook should be like the punch line of a joke -- the "Aha!" Moment for the listener. One songwriter put it this way: The verses of the song are like climbing up a mountain. The chorus is the view from the top. When you get to the top, the view had better be worth the climb! A verse can be defined as that section of the song in which the melody and harmony repeat, but the lyric changes. Most commercial verse-chorus songs today have two verses with at least two (possibly three) repetitions of the chorus. It's time now to plan what you want to say in both verses so that each of them inevitably arrives at the chorus -- both musically and lyrically. Many hit songwriters actually outline the song at this point, just as you would outline a term paper. Verse one should contain an opening perspective to set the scene and engage the listener. It's the first "snapshot" with your songwriter's camera. Verse two should elaborate on the opening idea with another "snapshot" from a slightly different viewpoint. Consider the following as you continue to compose: Length of Verses and Chorus: ---------------------------- Experienced songwriters usually determine the length of the song by instinct. They will have an intuitive sense of timing because almost all commercial songs should be 3-4 minutes long in order to receive radioplay consideration. A lot depends on the tempo of the song -- uptempo songs "go by" much faster than a slow ballad and the length of verses and chorus must be adjusted accordingly. A good "rule of thumb," however, is that a chorus should be identical to, half as long or twice as long as the verses. Aim to make your verses under one minute in length so as not to take too long to arrive at the payoff chorus. Remember the famous songwriter's couplet: "If you don't move quickly to the chorus Chances are your song will bore us" Verse One: ---------- Next to the Hook and Hook Statement, the most strategic point of the verse-chorus song is the first line of the first verse. That's the first contact the listeners have with both the words and music of the song, so that important first line should reach out and literally "grab them by the ears." Remember, the listener's mind is constantly being bombarded with incoming visual and audio data -- ambient sights and sounds of all kinds. The first line of your song should be so strong, both musically and lyrically, that it literally "cuts through" everything else that's going on and makes the listener turn up the volume. Strong first lines usually contain some kind of visual image that stimulates the listener's imagination. Vague or esoteric messages lose the listener before he/she ever arrives at that chorus you have worked so hard to create. Here are some "killer" first lines: ------------------------------------------------------------------- ( This article is continued at ) ------------------------------------------------------------------- ****** Mary Dawson is a prolific, published songwriter and president of CQK Records and Music of Dallas, Texas ( She is also the host of the popular syndicated radio talk show, "I Write the Songs," which has been designed to inspire and instruct the millions of aspiring songwriters in the craft and business of songwriting (and now has a new website all its own at Mary's commitment to discovering and mentoring talented new songwriters has made her a popular seminar speaker at songwriting events around the country. Back to Menu ================================================================= M e s s a g e F o r u m s I n S p o t l i g h t : Here are some of the popular discussions going on right now on The Muse's Muse Message Boards: Feel free to join in! Creating a profile is free and easy. ------------------------------------------------------------------- * Kazaa, Grokster users under fire... * Fame * The "Get To Know You" Quiz * Four Word Game * to publish or be published? * Computer recording equipment advice to Menu ================================================================= " O N S I T E " F E A T U R E D A R T I C L E : Commonly Made Mistakes When Building An Artist Website by Jodi Krangle ------------------------------------------------------------------- I was recently asked to be the guest speaker for the very first Just Plain Folks ( Toronto Chapter meeting. I had a *blast* and I'm very thankful and honored that I was asked to participate (thanks Valleri!). I fully intend to participate in further meetings and if you're anywhere near the Toronto area, please do keep an eye out in the Muse's Muse Message Boards for future announcements of meetings. Since I was asked by a few people to put what I spoke about online for others to read, I thought I'd put it together in article format. This is the article that came of it. I've seen a lot of website promotion techniques come and go (having been promoting websites of all kinds since 1995), but there are still common themes that remain throughout the years. When it comes to artist websites, these techniques can get a little bit trickier due to the unique goal those websites are hoping to accomplish. This listing of commonly made mistakes is meant to help you understand what to avoid when you're creating your own professional musical resume on the web. It might also help you decide what could use some changing on your current site, if you've already created one. Incidentally, if this is a subject that interests you, I *highly* recommend you have a look at "How To Build A Music Website That Sells" - - A copy of the Indie Bible is included with your purchase for free! Not bad, huh?
================================================================= C l a s s i f i e d s & U s e f u l S e r v i c e s : ----------------------------------------------------------------- ENTER THE WINDRIFT MUSIC SONGWRITING COMPETITION 2003 NOW! Over US$25,000 in cash and prizes to be won!!! Fabulous Sponsors and Industry Professional Judges. Open now till July 31st, 2003 deadline. $20US/$30CDN entry fee FREE e-Book, & Music Industry Discounts with every entry! Monthly spot-prizes, Early Bird Bonuses & FREE entries available! Enter online or by mail. For more info: ----------------------------------------------------------------- HEY SONGWRITERS! POP QUIZ. GIVE ME THREE RHYMES FOR "HEARTBREAK"... Locate every song's lead sheet you ever wrote, their genre, and album. What's the fingering for a G#sus4 chord at the ninth fret? Now copyright a song from where you're sitting without removing your hands from your mouse or keyboard. Your time is up! You know what you need? LYRICIST! It's the songwriter's best friend. Includes Rhyming Dictionary, Album Categorization, Chord Charting, On-Line Copyright, and more. Check out the review at . Muse's Muse visitors can take home the product for $5.00 off the regular selling price just for purchasing through the form provided off of the review + Free Priority Shipping in the USA if you order in April or May. For more information, visit the review url above or call Virtual Studio Systems at 888.732.1176 inside the U.S.A. and Canada or 603.726.4499 everywhere else. ----------------------------------------------------------------- NEED TO BOOK GIGS & ADVANCE YOUR CAREER? ORDER THIS UNIQUE CD-ROM! It is packed with essential tools to save you time and money, and give you a competitive advantage in the music business. Compiled by Suzanne Glass, author, speaker, and founder of, the ToolKit comes with nearly 50 articles, printable copyright forms, templates for common music items like flyers, music fonts, musician papers, software, and much more for only $19.95. ----------------------------------------------------------------- THE 4th EDITION OF THE INDIE BIBLE IS NOW AVAILABLE! The Indie Bible shows you where to get your music reviewed, your songs played, and your CDs sold. Now in its fourth edition, The Indie Bible has 310 pages of valuable contacts and music-related articles. The 4th Edition of the Indie Bible contains: 3500 publications from around the world that will REVIEW your CD! 2900 radio stations from around the world will PLAY your songs! 350 vendors and services that will help you to SELL your music! 400 helpful resources and sites where you can PROMOTE your band! 500 sites where you can UPLOAD your band's MP3 files! 39 articles that will help your career to MOVE forward rapidly! For details and to order online visit: ----------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC BOOKS PLUS The Songwriter's One Stop Resource for Books, Instructional Videos, CD-ROMs and DVDs. We feature over 5,000+ titles at - areas covered include: International Music Directories, Music Business, Song & Lyric Writing, Music Publishing, Rhyming Dictionaries, Theory & Arranging , Instrument & Vocal Technique, Recording, Internet ... and so much more. Free electronic newsletter, monthly & customer specials, new titles added weekly. Come check us out! ----------------------------------------------------------------- THE GALARIS MUSICIANS DIRECTORY - 2003 EDITION If you are serious about pushing your music career to the next level, getting your music into the right hands, promoting yourself to others and creating a buzz, YOU NEED THE GMD! Visit us to check out the demo, and see what industry professionals say about the GMD. Receive a 10% discount if you place your order through The Muse's Muse: ================================================================= ADVERTISING RATES: For Classifieds: US$50 Max. 8 lines, where a line = 65 characters including spaces and punctuation. All contracts must be prepaid. Write to: For Newsletter Sponsorship rates and other advertising opportunities, please see . Back to Menu
================================================================= C o n t a c t I n f o & C r e d i t s : ----------------------------------------------------------------- Jodi Krangle ............................................. EDITOR Kathryn Obenshain ...........................GRACIOUS PROOFREADER ----------------------------------------------------------------- The Muse's News is a free monthly newsletter for and about songwriters. Subscribers are welcome to recirculate or reprint The Muse's News for nonprofit use as long as the appropriate credit is given and the ENTIRE text of the newsletter is included (including credits and information at the end of each issue). Others should contact me at All articles copyrighted by their authors. Back issues and other information will be available at: The Muse's News is part of The Muse's Muse, a web resource for songwriters: For further information, send your e-mail to: ----------------------------------------------------------------- - How to place a classified ad, pass on market information or sponsor The Muse's News. - How to subscribe, unsubscribe, etc. - To submit articles,reviews,ideas,etc. SNAILMAIL: Please contact me first at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Back issues of the newsletter can be read at the National
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