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Issue 16.8
November 2013

In This Issue:
* Editor's Musings
* Music Reviews - Dan Cohen
* New Artist Spotlight Additions
* Songwriting Book Review - by Tim Zbikowski
* Musical Notes - Songwriting Contests & Market Info.
* Muse's Clues - Songwriting Web sites that inspire - brought to you by Songwriter's Hall of Fame member, John Brhel.
* Featured Article: Quick Tip: May the Force Not Be With You by Brad Dunse
* On Site Featured Article - An article (or articles) already online for your viewing pleasure.
* Classifieds & Useful Services
* Contact information
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Editor's Musings:

Hi folks! It hasn't escaped me that this newsletter is going out on Halloween. I hope you're having a wonderful Fall so far and that you have lots of scaaaary good fun planned for this evening. :) For those of you that are celebrating Thanksgiving soon (all my US friends), may it be a joyous celebration for you filled with the love of family and friends.

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Lots of new stuff to go through this month, of course. I hope you'll visit the site and not just read through this newsletter. :) But in the meantime, here are the raffle winners for this month:

  • Ann Meadows, from Roanoke Rapids, NC, has won a copy of Virtual Studio Systems' Lyricist software.

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Happy Halloween, a very Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating it this month, and I hope your inspiration is as abundant as the turkey! :)

All the best,


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Music Reviews: Dan Cohen


Dan Cohen:

* Jeff Saxon
* Bobby Susser Songs for Children

Click here for bios on each of the reviewers. If you're considering sending in your own CD for review, you can also view that page to find out which reviewer reviews your genre. Thanks!

Artist Spotlights:

Great music is only a click away!
Here is a selection of the great artists and bands highlighted
in the Artist Spotlight section of The Muse's Muse.


Melissa Auf der Maur - Genre: ROCK

For her second solo album “Out of Our Minds” Melissa wanted a more diverse album than her first. She made a creative promise to herself to try new things. For example: For the first time, she wrote a song for someone else’s voice and persona: “Father’s Grave” her duet with one of her teenage heroes Glenn Danzig. She pushed herself to write songs starting with different root sources: the bass, the piano, autoharp, lyrics, melody, guitar, a drum beat. She also made a commitment to herself to return to her visual and conceptual art roots, and make an accompanying “Out of Our Minds” fantasy film and comic.

Songwriting Book Review By: Tim Zbikowski

Murphy's Laws of Songwriting: The Book

by Ralph Murphy

There are very few books on songwriting I reread.  This one is the exception.  I even have sticky note tabs marking pages with many of the points I feel are most important.

Ralph Murphy has been a successful songwriter for over 50 years.  Among his many accomplishments, he has served as President of Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and Vice President for the International and Domestic membership Group of the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).  When this guy speaks, people listen.

Murphy has long been presenting songwriting seminars and publishing his songwriting tips and analysis, called “Murphy’s Laws of Songwriting”.  View many of these on his website:  This book is an expansion and compilation of his wisdom.

Last month’s reviewed book concentrated on melody.  Murphy states in this book: “I have noticed what lures the listener to a song is melody, but what keeps them are lyrics!  To me the keeping is the hard part.”

Murphy provides many of the fundamentals of songwriting, but the difference in this book is his ability to explain why it is important to employ the basic principles.  Mainly, it’s because that’s what listeners expect to hear.

You may enjoy Murphy’s dry sense of humor when he injects comments like: “a lot of writers trot out the oldest chestnut in the GREAT BOOK OF WRITERS EXCUSES.  ‘I like to leave it to the listener’s imagination!’  Come on…”   Following that are several paragraphs under the heading “The Listener Has No Imagination”.

Another interesting and informative chapter explains creating and fulfilling the listener’s expectations.  Chapters I found highly useful were “Land Mines”, describing pitfalls to avoid, and “Song Checklist”, the things you better do correctly.

Finally, Murphy presents detailed analysis of number one hit songs including specifics such as tempo, introduction, themes, structure, song length, and much more.

Ralph Murphy gives you a lot to think about in a short, easy to read format.  If you learn only one thing from him to improve your songwriting, it will be well worth exploring “Murphy’s Laws of Songwriting:  The Book.”  Write on!



Tim Zbikowski is an active member of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters, assisting with song critiques and presentations on songwriting. His introduction to music was piano lessons in the early 1960’s. He played drums in a garage band and in his high school’s band program. Tim bought his first personal computer in 1984 and by the 1990’s connected a keyboard to a computer. When notes appeared on a staff on the monitor, he was hooked forever! Tim is a free-lance audio engineer, seriously studies the craft of songwriting, and enjoys the mental recreation and stimulation of writing in multiple genres.

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Musical Notes: Songwriting Contests & Market Info.

In the interest of conserving space (when I need to), I will be including only changes to this listing in this newsletter. All other contests and market information that have already been listed here, are displayed at &
Please check there regularly for updates!


Are you an aspiring songwriter ready to have your songs heard by established music-industry pros? The Great American Song Contest features awards for 50 winners in 10 categories, plus $10,000 in Prizes. All entrants receive a detailed evaluation of their songs from music-industry judges -- song publishers, music producers and recording artists. This highly recommended International event is open to Songwriters, Lyricists and Composers, and sponsored annually by Songwriters Resource Network, a trusted educational resource for songwriters everywhere. Submission deadline is extended to December 12, 2013.
For details, visit:


Do you have a song or instrumental that you believe would work well as In Game entertainment for a Major League baseball game?

Maybe you have a high energy track that would work well during a rally to get the crowd fired up? Or possibly a fun, romantic tune that would synch well when the scoreboard flashes around the Kiss cam? How about a great entrance song when the home team takes the field? These and numerous other music situations during a baseball game will be featured in an In Game Song Contest that will run from October 15th, 2013 thru January 15th, 2014. In the spring of 2014, the contest will expand into football, basketball, and hockey.[1] There will be cash prizes in addition to chances to be played at Major League ballparks and stadiums across the country. The website is

[1] Note: Professional Sports Organizations cannot accept unsolicited material. This is similar to Major Record Labels in New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles where they cannot accept unsolicited material. In Game Song Contest will have access to most Managers and Directors of In Game personnel through this contest vehicle only.


This awards competition is judged based on songwriting, performance & artistry. Win prizes in 8 different categories: Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Group/Duo, Folk/Americana/Roots, AAA/Alternative, Instrumental, Open, Bluegrass/Country. There will also be an Overall Grand Prize winner awarded to the top winner worth US$11,000, which includes radio promotion to over 250 radio stations in US and Canada, featured on Acoustic Cafe, a syndicated radio program. You may also obtain the entry form at:


Speaks Louder Than Words is a podcast that comes out every other week, with songwriters touching on their musical influences and upbringing, what's important to them in a song and often revealing the ideas behind their singles and albums. Since starting, Michael Kiwanuka, Nicky Graham, True Tiger and Ed Drewett have all appeared as have many more, sharing their thoughts on the craft. Click here to find previous episodes on iTunes... You can subscribe to get instant access to future releases.


IISC is an annual song competition to give recognition to some of the best emerging songwriters in the world, help develop their talent, and provide useful tools for developing the success of the artist. Contest are limited to 150 entries per genre so you don't get lost in the crowd! Choose between a Basic Entry (numerical score) or for $10 more, a Written Critique on your song. IISC is in its 8th competition and has given away more than $54,000 in useful prizes. Rock, Pop, Folk, Americana/Country, Instrumental, and Gospel/Christian genres are open! Visit our website for more details. Deadline is January 31, 2014.

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Award winning songwriter Jane Eamon is offering songwriting one on one classes via Skype. These sessions are one hour in length and can cover any topic you'd like to address. From writing, to critique, to ideas and games. Or just to share your thoughts and get feedback. If you're interested in a session contact to schedule a class.


Hooktheory is a free resource that can show you how to integrate basic music theory into your songwriting process, making it easier to write catchy chord progressions and melody. Hooktheory currently consists of three main areas:
1. The Hookbook demonstrates basic principles of music theory and how they relate to popular music. It's filled with multimedia-rich content explaining musical concepts synchronized to real songs so you can hear what you are learning and make connections easier.
2. The Music Editor lets you write chord progressions in Roman Numeral notation and listen to them in any key. Add a melody, save your work, share it with friends, or export it to Garageband, sheet music, or guitar tab.
3. The Analysis Wiki is a user-generated collection of analyses of popular songs. Look up the chord progression and melody of a song, or use the music editor to create your own analyses.
Check it out now!

Muse's Clues - By John Brhel

©2011-2013 John Brhel. All Rights Reserved.
Used By Permission

Being that it’s the month of Thanksgiving in the United States, I thought it fitting to give thanks to those who have had a profound impact on our lives who might not necessarily get a chance to sit down next to us and scarf down mashed potatoes and stuffing. Who says we can’t give thanks to songwriters? I’ve heard people give thanks to some pretty weird things over the years, so there’s really nothing wrong with thanking Jeffrey Osborne for writing “On the Wings of Love” or giving props to that dude you met on tour who taught you what chicken pickin’ is.

I wouldn’t be the songwriter I am today were it not for the rich musical education that fellow songwriters have provided me over the years, and neither would you. Whether from close friends or from blog posts written by strangers who live halfway across the world, the tips and pointers we pick up from our songwriting brethren are hugely influential in shaping the way we approach and compose songs. Big ups to all those brilliant bridge writers and masterful melodicists!

Speaking of knowledgeable songwriters who have a lot of tips to be thankful for, I’d like to shine the spotlight on a new website called Sessionville. Looking for a good place to pick up a lot of information on all things music and songwriting? Then Sessionville is the place for you. Easy to navigate, stuffed with an abundance of tips, and darn pretty to look at, Sessionville is a fantastic resource, whether you’re a touring recording artist, non-performer looking to sell your songs, or total beginner who doesn’t know the difference between a lift and a bridge.

Co-founded by longtime business partners and lifetime friends, Kevin Jacoby and Keith Link, Sessionville is jam-packed with juicy tips from guys that have been there and have real advice to offer. As former co-founders of a design and web-development boutique and a tech company that specialized in “the design of high-performance audio and visual workstations,” Jacoby and Link bring a sense of professionalism and expertise to Sessionville that is missing from most bogus “SUPER AWESOME TIPS FROM THE PROS” websites that infest the Internet.

“Sessionville is all about helping musicians learn, grow and create” reads the website. According to Jacoby and Link, the pair has “made the best damn resource for musically minded people the world has ever known.” Whether this is just snarky hyperbole or the honest truth is up to you. There’s certainly enough content here to keep you occupied and learning for quite a long time. With posts as far-ranging as “3 Ways to Maintain Excitement in the Studio,” “Why You Should Write 1000 Terrible Songs,” and “3 Ways to Sell More Merch at Gigs,” there’s something for everyone at Sessionville.

I’m thankful for not only how much great information Sessionville has to offer but for how intuitive and pretty the website is. Easy on the eyes and boasting eight practical post categories, you won’t waste time finding what you’re looking for at Sessionville. Need help choosing the right kind of pedal for your bass? Head over to the Gear Garage. Got a bass and don’t know what to do with it? Pop “bass” into the search bar and you’ll get a bunch of tips to help you improve your groove.

Got a lot of gigs to get to and don’t feel like visiting the Sessionville website every day? They’ve got your lazy butt covered, offering plenty of daily tips and insight on social media. Sessionville posts links to their posts daily on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. This is a great way not only to pick up sound advice from serious songwriters but engage with site founders and other knowledge-seeking musicians.

Since the site has only launched within the past year, Sessionville is still relatively unknown. With the amount of content they’re pushing out and the ties they have to the industry, you can bet the site will be growing in popularity. I know I’ll be headed back for advice. I just liked their Facebook page, so all I need to do is check out my News Feed and soak in all the songwriting goodness. It’ll certainly be more interesting than all the cheesy inspirational quotes and crappy ads clogging up my feed.

Whether you live in the United States, Canada, India, or on the International Space Station, it’s always a good time to give thanks to those who educate and enlighten us as songwriters. With Sessionville, we can add another name to that long list. I’d also like to add my bandmate Matt, who taught me that weird little quirks make songs more interesting; my childhood friend Adam, who taught me how to palm mute; and my wife, who teaches me that it’s totally acceptable to sing songs about Crocs and socks.


John Brhel is a songwriter from upstate New York who wrote his first batch of pop songs before graduating from elementary school. A lover of all music, John writes country songs, plays in a punk band and spends a good deal of his free time listening to Diane Warren ballads. John regularly attends industry events in New York and Los Angeles and is a member of ASCAP. A lover of melody and the left-field chord change, John lives and breathes songs. Write a song with him via Skype (berealmusic) and follow him on Twitter (@johnbrhel).

Featured Article - By Brad Dunse

QUICK TIP: May The Force Not Be With You

Confession time. I’m not a big Star Wars fan.

I mean the Jedi Comes Back or The Empire Returns just doesn’t do it for me.

Wait a minute; is that The Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back?

See what I mean? But that is not why the title of this tip is named as such.

Nonetheless, in this month’s tip, we definitely don’t want the force with us.

I’m talking about the dreaded forced rhyme.

You hear it all the time in evaluations, right? Maybe you just don’t see what it is, but afraid to ask?

Hopefully we can cut through your confusion with a light Taser… wait that’s light saber, right?

Okay, I’ll stop with the trashed Star Wars analogies.

Let’s dig right in.

If we had a lyric that read…

She grabbed him by the collar and crumpled her fist

Pointed her knuckles at a beaming eye tooth

When he learned what she aims for she never does miss

Obviously, we need to come up with a rhyme for the word ‘tooth.’

At this point rhyming dictionaries can be a great help, and they can also be nova cane to your lyric.

If one uses a dictionary, or even a string of possible rhymes rolling around in your head, there are two different intensions.

One is to simply find a rhyme and make it work.

And the other is to simply find a rhyme and make it work.

No, that wasn’t a typo.

The objectives are the same but it’s the perspective or intuition which separates those statements.

If we simply look for a rhyme to finish the line off and make literal sense. We might could use…

She grabbed him by the collar and crumpled her fist

Pointed her knuckles at a beaming eye tooth

When he learned what she aims for she never does miss

He wondered was that Superwoman and where was her phone booth

P. U. That would definitely be a forced rhyme.

I’m not even sure if Superwoman had a dressing room as a phone booth like Superman did.

And besides. That’s a rather big jump from a misbehaving dude getting taught a lesson, to a super hero hauling off and smacking someone for an unknown reason.

Besides, there is no imagery carried out. It just stands out like a hammered thumb in that lyric.

Can you see it?

Let’s try one more before giving a possible solution.

What’s another rhyme with tooth?

Truth, uncouth, sleuth, Ruth, Vermouth…?

Let’s pick… Vermouth.

She grabbed him by the collar and crumpled her fist

Pointed her knuckles at a beaming eye tooth

When he learned what she aims for she never does miss

“That’s what you get for talking through Vermouth”

Well, somewhat better. It gives some reason why she plowed him, but Vermouth?

Not exactly a manly sounding drink like beer or whiskey. Again, it doesn’t really fit.

It’s the difference between letting a random rhyme dictate the lines content rather than the imagery dictating the rhyme… That is a forced rhyme.

What if instead we thought of a scene playing out here first, then looked for a rhyme?

Do you think we could fill that lyric out better?

I’m not much into guy bashing tunes, probably because I’m a guy… I digress… but in this lyric I can see a little video of her pulling her fist to her lips, blowing across the top of her knuckles like a smoking barrel, turning around and walking away with a satisfied grin.

How about.

She grabbed him by the collar and crumpled her fist

Pointed her knuckles at a beaming eye tooth

When he learned what she aims for she never does miss

She blew across her knuckles through a smirkin’ little grin… oh she was smooth.

You see, I had already had it in my mind how the scene was to play out, what she’d do, and that she’d have confident control of her situation.

I just needed a word that rhymed that was conversational and indicated my intention.

I made the word ‘smooth’ fit my intention rather than let my intention be dictated by a rhyme.

Does that help explain it?

Take a look at the songs you’ve written or your next one and notice which have forced rhymes and which ones help push the song along.

Until next time… keep writing from the heart.


Brad Dunse is a performing songwriter based deep in the country's heartland reflecting sensitivity of daily living in his songs. Writing primarily in Folk, Country, Pop, or Americana, he occasionally writes CCM. Co-writer of The Wall, a tribute to Viet Vets receiving major market airplay, he's also received airplay on NPR, local public, independent, and web radio. He is a freelance writer, is board member of Minnesota Association of Songwriters, been member or involved in ASCAP, NSAI, SongU and other organizations. You can visit his web site at WWW.BRADDUNSEMUSIC.COM as well Add As Facebook Friend or Follow Him On Twitter.


Hook, Line & Sinker - by Steve Moss

Steve gives us some tips for writing great hooks.


Vocally Speaking... The Cutting Edge - by Diana Yampolsky

Diana gives hints to vocalists about how they can make themselves stand out from the crowd.


How Did That Song Get Recorded??!!? - by Andrea Stolpe

Sometimes it's difficult to imagine how certain songs make it onto records and the radio.  As musicians and artists, we can spend quite a bit of time comparing our work with that of what's popular.  In many cases, craft has less to do with success than we think.  Choosing a viewpoint that enables us to stay inspired while working the business end is a must for anyone wanting to sustain a career in the industry.


Interview with Robin Frederick - by Jan Fabyankovic

Robin talks about the difference between radio hit songs and film & TV songs, how a music supervisor decides whether or not to use a song, what the best way is for songwriters to get their songs used in film and TV, and many more relevant and interesting topics in this informative interview.

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