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CD REVIEW: Gerina di Marco- Gerina
By Jon Stewart - 11/28/2006 - 05:43 PM EST

Artist: Gerina di Marco
Album: Gerina
CD Review: Oh, to write a review that would sell a million records. To communicate on a level that caused action instead of reaction. That being said, this is the best album that I have reviewed. The lyrics differentiate themselves as poetry instead of vocal-chord strumming. Classified as Rock/Pop, the music stands out as Country dance floor compositions, with each dance style represented.

This Venezuelan-born beauty captivates with her vocal style, a cross between Shakira and Shania, on each of the tunes. If I had to summarize this CD I would call it “The Divorce Album”. You will rethink divorce if you’ve ever considered it before hearing this album. It’s not about divorce, though. It adopts, with frequently inspired musings, a maturity that exceeds the years logged in by this gifted songwriter. All the lyrics and vocals are real, like someone who’s been through the cliffhangers of an intense relationship and who is sharing their experiences with a best friend. Don’t be surprised if you shed a few tears while listening to this CD.

Gerina wrote all the lyrics over the past few years, finally getting them together on this first CD. The production is excellent throughout even though some minor money-saving techniques were used.

A journey through some of the songs will illustrate what it takes to get my attention.
The first track, “Blind”, explores true love, something you may only know when you’ve lost it. Plainspoken lyrics to a lover, an emotion-ridden vocal style and a good musical lift make this a remarkable song. I’m listening to it as I write this and it is overpowering.

The second song, “Blink of an Eye”, is slow and that’s how it should be played. It’s a big song for a big void. “I can’t get you off my mind” just about says it all within the context of this song.

Two tracks later, a simple piano opens for the most beautiful song on the CD. How do you tell someone you’re sorry? “I Don’t Blame You,” is how it should be done. “It was my mistake to let you go,” she puts in the letter, the one that each of us has wanted to write a hundred times but didn’t. Gerina seems to say, “Go ahead and write that letter.”

On the CD, Gerina has some Spanish versions of a few songs on the CD as well as some that are not, a total of five songs in Spanish. They are all sexy; I can see someone swaying on the dance floor with their eyes closed, dreaming of their lover whether they’re with them or not.


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