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CD REVIEW: Tyler Burnett - There You Go
By Chip Withrow - 11/20/2006 - 11:08 AM EST

Artist: Tyler Burnett
Album: There You Go
CD Review: Sunday was a listening day for me. Last time, it took about 10 CDs before I found one I really dug. This time, I struck gold on the first one, There You Go by the Montana trio Tyler Burnett.

These songs sound like they could have been written on acoustic guitar, but the electric lead guitar is striking and prominent. Parker Burnett Brown provides all the guitar parts, and I’d be interested in seeing these guys play a live show. These songs seem like they could stretch out into extended-jam territory, yet they have a tight, made-for-radio, power-folk-pop sensibility.

The title track is a great opener – I found myself hoping the rest of the disc was a good (it is). The vocals are heartfelt, almost aching. The guitar interplay between acoustic and upper-register electric is classic folk-rock. And what sets this song apart is a piercing, spiraling guitar solo that jumps out of the mix.

Parker Brown's playing on several songs had me thinking of Dicky Betts (one of my favorites). But “Make Believe” and “Love Something” have a syncopated, jazz/soul feel, kind of like Robert Cray. And “Jealousy” and “Too Late” are urgent rockers.

“What Kind of Love” affects me in the same way the title cut does, and I might like “Love” better because it’s so soaring. It has a great sing-along chorus, another brilliant guitar solo, and this cool line: “The devil on my shoulder said ‘Just enjoy the ride’.”

The solid, powerful and versatile rhythm section of Steven Tyler Brown on bass (also lead vocal) and Pat Epley on drums gives these songs heft. One of the tracks I most dig them on is the laid-back “Water and Wine.” The loping bounce reminds me of my days swaying to songs like this as the sun set at outdoor summer festivals. And “Too Late” just jumps out of the speakers because of its strong backbone.

The album’s closing track, “Home,” is a fitting conclusion: a comfortable groove, poignant vocals, and a sweet slide guitar. Tyler Burnett’s There You Go was a nice way to start out a Sunday morning, and I listened to it a bunch of times throughout the work week, too.

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