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CD REVIEW: Joe Giacoio - I Sing The Body Acoustic
By Jane Eamon - 05/11/2006 - 11:18 AM EDT

Artist: Joe Giacoio
Album: I Sing The Body Acoustic
CD Review: Does anyone remember David Bromberg? As soon as Joe Giacoio started to sing on his new CD, I Sing The Body Acoustic, I was transported back to old David Bromberg records. That’s a good thing.

She Got a Rock, the CD’s second track is a lovely swing tune. I love the line…”put charcoal in a setting, when it becomes a diamond, the’ll be a wedding”. Made me laugh.

Giacoio is a great guitar player. The title track, I Sing The Body Acoustic is a strong example of his style. I would have liked a lot more of this.

Sara Milonovich is an outstanding fiddle player. She plays mandolin as well. Her talent shone through.

I wondered as I listened to this CD, what Giacoio hoped to accomplish with this. The production was good, arrangements clean and well recorded. The players were good and quite capable, the songwriting was okay. But…there’s that thing…where was the WOW factor? The thing that made me, the listener, sit up and go…WOW. I didn’t find it here.

There was quite a bit of sing-songing type rhyming which after a few times was annoying. Like putting the emPHAsis on the wrong sylLABle. It wore thin.

I felt let down after it was over. It became an unsatisfying experience.

His website is or e-mail at

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