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CD REVIEW: Dian Diaz-Dian Diaz
By Jon Stewart - 03/14/2006 - 01:39 PM EST

Artist: Dian Diaz
Album: Dian Diaz
CD Review: When Christina Aguilera sang the Leon Russell hit “A Song for You” at the 2006 Grammy Awards, she captivated everyone with her stylish interpretation of an already stunning love song. Dian Diaz’s self-titled album of 10 original songs has nothing to compare, regardless of the pretentions of the artist. A Las Vegas lounge singer, Diaz has compiled an album of songs that are never fully realized through a combination of overwrought lyrics, backup singers that soon become annoying amid songs that seem much too long.

Several of the songs, including “This Night”, “Remember How We Danced”, and “Get With You” have a Latin beat that cannot rescue them from their inherent lyrical blandness. “Pot of Gold” sounds like the aforementioned Aguilera with simplistic lyrics that doom the song while being the second best song on the CD. “Colour Everywhere”, the standout song on the album, is a track that may get on the playlist for some Adult Contemporary stations, whether it deserves the honor or not. The song quickly gets lost in the one-dimensional comparisons that are common on the host of heartfelt songs found in this genre of pop music.

While listening to this CD, you can close your eyes and envision the backup singers (with their syncopated movements) attempting to ratchet up the emotional heft of most of the CD’s offerings. In the same scene, you can imagine Ms. Diaz singing to a solemn audience who are letting her create their memories and feelings on love and romance. But none will leave the show with any sophisticated self-realization. Time will pass, slowly, for those actually listening to these soporific album tracks. Grade C+.

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