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CD REVIEW: Gary Doles-This Manís Heart (A Live House Concert)
By Brian Rutherford - 05/25/2005 - 06:05 PM EDT

Artist: Gary Doles
Album: This Manís Heart (A Live House Concert)
CD Review: Sometimes the CDís that wind up at my front door step are more plastic and unoriginal than the case it comes in. Iím dumbfounded when I finally do receive the basics and nothing more. Gary Dolesí ďThis Manís Heart (A Live House Concert)Ē arrived and Iím not quite dumbfounded, but Iím far from normalcy.

Simplicity has its niche, and Mr. Doles is a razor sharp example of modern day, no strings attached recording simplicity. Hailing from Coconut Grove, Florida, Doles attacks his performance as naked as possible. With only a microphone and an acoustic guitar, most of the strings he plays are fast paced folk. His vocal and lyrical dynamics remind of one Pat Macdonald (Timbuk3).

Most captivating about this disc is the atmosphere and setting of each song. Just as the title might suggest, each song is acoustically bound within the walls of a friend or family memberís house. At the end of each song, a small crowd on hand can be heard clapping along. Most likely, friend of a friend type of situations Iím sure, the clapping is more than just obligated attrition. Though more times than not youíre exposed to a rhythmic conversation-list, Doles does showoff potentially talented pipes every so often.

Tracks like 16 ďPackin HeatĒ are just about the epitome of this manís performance attraction. During this melody racer, Doles breaks out his vocabulary, and busts open some blues-like folk ramblings. Popping off at the mouth with impressive word association. More so a poet, then an artist, you may someday see Doles at a folkfest near you.

Check out his CD Baby space

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