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CD REVIEW: Jennifer Yeung - Contemplate EP
By Brian Rutherford - 05/25/2005 - 05:58 PM EDT

Artist: Jennifer Yeung
Album: Contemplate EP
CD Review: The arrival of Jennifer Yeung’s “Comemplate” EP brings yet another link to the chain fence of faces to look out for. One word that comes to mind is wavy…Wavy dreams of vocal emissions, and slick self-production (with the exception of one track) put this atop of its independent piano songwriter genre.

With immediate comparison’s of Tori Amos coming to my mind, I don’t believe Ms. Yeung is there quite yet. Though her storytelling, vocal ranges and writing progressions are right there with the Queen of shock, I am a bit dry-mouthed without explanation. Something is missing from “Contemplate”…

Usually this is where I go off about predictable trendy steps made by the artist to leave me with this dry mouth. More so than anything, Yeung brings the echoed dream feel with no bells to ring along with it. Although it may remove her a bit from comparisons with Amos, I think a bit of traditional instrumentation may do her music a bit of justice. Don’t get me wrong, the individuality of her pipes and piano is certainly an attractive setting, just not completely pallet pleasing.

Overall however, this short but sweet performance and subtlety attacks with prominent progressions of human emotion and beautifully suspenseful melodies. Such as the lead title track, “Contemplate.” “You can scream and shout, Walls are burning down. The Sun is up, The Sun is up. Don’t be terrified, to come out and play.” Further down the fingers layering, the chorus’ lyrical suggestion . “It’s just a game, It’s just a game.”

Though things are currently simple for Ms. Yeung, I foresee a long-term investment here. Keep an eye out for her upcoming release “Dream, The Ocean Blue”.

Check out her website.

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