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CD REVIEW: Call Me Alice - All Against Five
By Steve Allat - 02/23/2005 - 02:49 AM EST

Artist: Band: Call Me Alice
Album: All Against Five
CD Review: Label: Arkhive Records
Tracks: 8
Released: 2004
For Fans Of: No Doubt, Meatloaf (dare I say)
Fav Tracks: Trust Me, System Backup

This sounds like the kind of music that belongs in the year 2005. Although they draw upon sounds that are familiar, they put them together in a way that just makes them sound like Call Me Alice.

To best describe their music is to say that it sounds theatrical - just how they describe themselves. Art Rock Nuveau? It sounds like a 'rock opera' broke out at an alt rock concert. And they don't stop there - check out their personas and performance setup and you'll see that they're taking it all the way, and making it work.

A sonic overview: drums rip through guitars that soar over piano that cuts through the wall of sound upon which vocals dominate in the mix. They don't just play their instruments, either, they create sounds and controlled noise. For how much is going on, it's very clean sounding, meaning they all know what they're doing quite well. Backing vocals finish off the sound and are thrown in just right. Lead singer Crosby does sound a lot like a familiar blonde vocalist, No Doubt, but she gets away with it as more often than not she sounds like she obviously does and it suits the music just right.

I was only disappointed that this cd contained only 6 songs & 2 remixes as I would have much preferred to continue hearing what they're creating than a couple remixes. In their favour, however, the remix of 'System Backup' was excellent and all 3 showed how easily they can jump straight into the nightclub themselves with these mixes.

I think we'll be hearing from this band very soon. Evanescence move over and make room.

Contact: Sam Carter | Artist Relations: Arkhive Records
Website: Call Me Alice

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